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Why cloud architect salary is vital for startups

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It is not surprising that cloud architect salary is becoming more and more crucial for startup ventures as cloud computing becomes increasingly popular. In fact, cloud architect salaries can vary significantly from as low as $60,000 to as high as $115,000 per year.

Though cloud architecture design is a specialization within the cloud computing industry, it remains one of the highest-paying industries in America. Data compiled by reveals cloud architects hold a median annual income of about $104,000 annually while top earners make around $143,000 a year. Cloud Architect Salary | Indeed PayScale also puts cloud architects into the list of highest earning employees along with other technology professionals such as solutions architects ($120K), .NET developers ($102K) and Java developers ($99K).

At present cloud architect salary varies depending on the region, cloud computing experience, cloud architect designation certification and cloud computing companies. For example, cloud architects based in North America have the highest mean annual income of $115,000 compared to Australia where cloud architects are paid an average annual income of just $67,000. Cloud architecture design involves highly specialized skills that can be used for both entry-level positions as well as higher positions within well-established technology companies. Cloud engineers often enjoy better compensation packages than their counterparts working with hardware or software systems alone.  

To attract top talent cloud architecture design job postings offer competitive salaries including signing bonus and stock options. The range is between $80K and $100K for cloud architects at entry level while cloud architects with cloud architect designation certification can command cloud architect salaries of $125K and above.

Cloud Architect Designation Certification – Higher Salary

The cloud architect designation offered by organizations such as AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud etc., allows cloud engineers to design cloud-based solutions for their clients. This means they can successfully create public, private or hybrid cloud architectures both on the basis of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) or PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). The different levels of cloud architecture designations include Associate Certified Architect , Professional Certified Architect and Expert Certified Architect .

With cloud architect designation certification cloud engineers can not only move up in their current company but also move across different companies. This explains why cloud architects with cloud architect designations are paid much higher than cloud engineers without cloud architect designations.

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Experience – Higher Salary

Like most technology professionals, the salary of cloud architects also depends on their experience level. Cloud Architects with more than 3 years of experience can earn significantly higher salaries compared to entry-level cloud architects who just have 1 year of working experience in this field. For example, data compiled by reveals that cloud architects with 15+ years of experience have a mean annual income around $111K while cloud architecture experienced employees make about $108K annually.

Cloud Computing Experience – Higher Salary

Experience is another important cloud architect salary determinant. Experts recommend cloud architects with 5 years of experience in cloud architecture design and development to work as cloud architects. Cloud architecture is a highly specialized field, so professionals looking for cloud architecture jobs must have the required level of expertise and knowledge to be able to design cloud-based solutions for their clients. To be successful in cloud computing it’s important for cloud engineers to stay updated with the latest technologies and industry trends which requires them to actively seek out new information and learning opportunities both on and offline.

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Cloud Architect Designation Certification – Lower Salary

Though cloud architecture designations help cloud engineers command higher salaries, they do not hold as much as cloud computing experience does when it comes to cloud architect salary. Data compiled by shows cloud engineers with cloud architecture designations make around $10K less than cloud architects without cloud architect designations and this gap increases further in favor of cloud architects with more years of experience in cloud computing. The salary difference is well below the national average for technology-related professions which means that employers place more emphasis on technical skills and expertise rather than cloud architecture designation when it comes to cloud engineer salaries.