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Types of Audience You Need To Know

  • Faruk 

Your target audience is the person or company who you are trying to reach through your marketing efforts. Knowing who this person/company is will allow you to gain their attention and get your message across. Here, are some types of audience that you should know about.

Friendly Audience

These people are looking for products and services that will meet their needs and meet their wants. They are usually willing to consider your offer and listen to your pitch, but when they come to the decision to make a purchase, they are more likely to ask for more information and try other options before making a decision.

Business Audience

This audience is generally more interested in making money and having a good business relationship than in acquiring a product. They may know how to purchase from you, but they are more interested in a relationship rather than a transaction. They are probably hesitant about making a decision without first considering every option available.

Apathetic Audience

They might be a bit skeptical or uncomfortable with your marketing message, but this group will be more inclined to watch and listen to what you have to say if you break it down for them. Don’t promise anything, just let them know you’ve been where they are, and they can trust you.

Unreliable Audience

This group tends to respond well to your message if you use the right tactics. First, make sure your voice and accent is understandable, and keep your message to a minimum. Second, tie a product to something they care about, and let them know why it’s important.

Chatty Audience

This group isn’t looking for answers, they want fun and entertainment. People who are part of this group tend to have a lot of opinions, so you need to be careful in how you deliver your message.

Uninformed Audience

Here, you are able to learn about the company and the brand and what makes it different from competitors. You can even learn about upcoming events that will be taking place at the company.

Familiar Audience

If you know these people already, you can provide more specific information to them about what you can offer them and why they should care.

Expert Audience

This is your most familiar audience. This audience is more likely to be familiar with your brand and the industry. They are usually there for business purposes, but they also may want to talk to you about your new product or service.

Experienced Audience

The last group of people that you should be aware of are the ones that have been in the industry for quite some time and are known to the general public.

Hostile Audience

A hostile audience is a group of people who might not like your message and would rather not hear what you have to say. So, you will have to manage them carefully.

Conventional Audience

An audience you will be dealing with in your everyday life is a conventional one. You will have your colleagues, neighbours, family, etc., at a large portion of your audience list.

Opposite Types of Audience

If you are talking to a group of people, you will always have a different audience. For example, if you are running a radio channel, you might have a religious segment, a commercial segment, etc., where your target audience will be divided into various segments.


Getting your message across to right through marketing efforts is important. The correct audience targeting for your company’s marketing efforts is crucial. If you do not do this correctly, you could end up losing the most important people in your marketing efforts.