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Top 5 Challenges Women in the UK are Facing After Graduation

Are you graduated? Yes. This sounds great! Welcome to professional life, then. Graduation is when most of the students welcome new challenges in their lives. There can be a range of challenges that graduated female students can face. But in today’s article, I will discuss only the five major challenges that women in the UK face.

Top 5 Challenges Women After Graduation

Many female students in the UK face certain challenges after graduation. It depends very much on the student and how she perceives those challenges. However, a brief description of the top 5 challenges that women in the UK face is as follows;

1. Change in the Lifestyle

The first challenge for women lies within their lifestyle changes. Graduation for most female students means a complete overtake of their lifestyle. Graduation can make you leave your hometown and move to a new place as well. And it’s a really big challenge for women in the UK to settle in a new locality. They are migrating from a place where your friends and family life isn’t an easy task. In such situations, you have to show a great deal of patience. During graduation, women in the UK have their best female friends. But after graduation, everyone will run for their respective paths. Hence, it poses a very big challenge for UK’s women to become isolated.

2. Financial Pressures

Managing finance may not have been challenging during graduation. It is because your parents would have been bearing your expenses. But right after graduation, financial pressure keeps on building. It’s quite a challenge for the women living in Asian countries. But in the UK, where you have to work and earn for yourself, it is a great challenge. After graduation, women in the UK have to bear the expense of their living. They have to manage the rent for their apartments or anything else they might need. They could hire any dissertation writing services at affordable dissertation firm for their assignments during their graduation firm during their graduation as well. But things get changed a lot after graduation.

3. Career Problems

The 3rd and biggest challenge that women in the UK face is career-based challenges. Most graduate students think that a degree is a direct solution to a job. But they are mistaken. This is not the case in the real world. Some female graduates are lucky enough to land their dream jobs. But this is not the case with every graduate. This is because practical life is much more challenging, especially for women in the UK. The life of women gets really tough after graduation. This is because there is no guarantee of a job. Thus, career problems are major challenges that UK’s women face after graduation.

4. Work-life Balance

During graduation, the students are mostly happy. The female students hang out with their friends and go to parties. But this changes right after graduation. After graduation, the work-life balance will turn you into a zombie. Your responsibilities will get changed a lot. You’ll have the responsibilities of the job, as well as of your family. This is why the work-life balance of women in the UK gets distorted. They can’t hang out with their friends as they used to either. Life after graduation becomes too demanding. And you’ll feel like giving up most of the time.

5. Maintaining Good Financial Standing

Financial problems are one challenge, but maintaining financial standing is another. Life after graduation is all about having a good credit score. This is because women in the UK will mostly look forward to buying a new house for themselves. And we all know that buying a house in the UK is very challenging. Thus, women in the UK also face challenges related to financial standings.


The challenges after graduation are immense. Sometimes, these challenges can even puzzle the bright students of a batch. We don’t prepare ourselves for future challenges during college life. Colleges don’t prepare students for future challenges. The future lies in learning new things based on new research. Yet most college professors still stick to the old teaching methods. Anyways, this is not our topic of discussion. I’m trying to make here that students enjoy college life instead of learning different skills. These skills are important as they would help them in their life after graduation.

Final Thoughts

Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment. But as with the other life transitions, it also comes with challenges. Women face a lot of challenges other than the ones mentioned above. In this context, the challenges mentioned above are only the major ones.

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