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Technical SEO vs Content SEO: How Each Works Differently

Businesses benefit from SEO because, in today’s digital environment, Google Search positioning, visibility, and reach are critical to attaining considerable marketing success and growth. Because Google’s algorithm is growing increasingly complex and intuitive, achieving your search performance goals has gotten increasingly tough. When evaluating how to rank your website pages, it looks beyond them.

Having a strategic understanding of how different marketing channels work together to funnel leads to your website organically, as well as the knowledge of how to design landing pages that convert website visitors into leads and sales, will help your content rank well in search, i.e. having a digital content strategy that includes both technical web development and marketing skills.

Obviously, this is a vastly different field that requires a unique and intelligent approach. Let’s compare the technical SEO strategy with content marketing plan to help you grasp as many components of the Google Search process as possible.

Technical SEO

The technical SEO procedure include optimising your website to make it easier for search engines to understand and analyse its information. Additionally, it will improve your target audience’s user experience.

Because its components are code-based, this strategy, unlike content-based SEO, is distinguished by technical elements. Implementing them frequently necessitates the assistance of a web developer.

What Does Technical SEO include?

Although technical SEO encompasses a wide range of tasks, the following are the most important:

1- Page Speed

Slow-loading pages cause users to abandon websites, thus maximising the speed and load time of your website pages is critical. Improve page load times via optimising images, compressing files, caching data, and limiting redirect links.

2- Robots.txt

“Robots.txt” is a text file located in your website’s root directory that notifies search engines what they can and cannot crawl. Allow duplicate content, low-value pages, and other stuff you don’t want indexed to save your crawl budget, which is the amount of time search engines spend crawling your complete website. This makes your site more navigable and eliminates unnecessary pages, resulting in a higher rating.

3- Digital Accessibility

Web accessibility aims to make suitable content and pictures more accessible to users with varied abilities. Both accessible and SEO-optimized information, both of which are machine-readable, can have a significant impact on SEO. Search engines and assistive devices (such as screen readers) read and navigate your site in comparable ways.

4- No Broken Links

Because the destination is not available, clicking the broken link will result in a 404 error rather than redirecting to a new page.

For a variety of reasons, a broken link may not work, including:

  • The targeted website’s accessible version is no longer available.
  • The requested webpage did not receive a redirect.
  • The URL structure of the website has been altered.

Content SEO

The goal of content SEO is to ensure that your website ranks higher in search engine results by reaching out to and attracting online visitors who are interested in the content you’ve published. Earning links from reliable sites will improve your website’s credibility with Google in addition to enhancing external ranking signals.

You can create robust content that is unique and relevant to the keyword search on or off your site, and it will likely rank higher than “thin” content that is low quality and lacks relevance to the searcher’s intent, as well as content that simply states what can be found elsewhere on the web without adding anything unique.

Brass Tacks — Which one is the most important?

The truth is that performing one without the other is virtually meaningless. Regardless of how quick your website is! It will be useless to both bots and humans if you don’t supply any material to access it. It’s also true that wonderful articles and videos are useless if no one can locate them (or wait for them to load).

To summarise, both content SEO and technical SEO are equally significant in terms of marketing. When it comes down to it, content marketing is going to take up the majority of your time because you’ll be developing new content on a weekly or daily basis. Contact us at Easy Biz Tech LLC if you’re seeking for the best SEO Bellingham services.