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The importance of accounting in Small Business Bookkeeping Services

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When we think of accounting in Small Business Bookkeeping Servicesmost of the time we believe that it is only about complying with tax obligations to avoid penalties and surcharges. However, the importance of accounting goes much further.

Why is accounting important?

It is a fact that part of the relevance that accounting has in every company lies in the role it plays in complying with the payment of taxes, something that no company can afford to neglect. Of course, accounting goes much further.

As a manager or business owner, one thing you should do is ask yourself: do I know the state of my business? How much do I really earn from my business? How much am I owed? and how much do i owe?

Well, it is accounting that gives you the weapons to understand the economic and financial reality of your company, the way it is evolving, as well as its trends over time. I mean, it gives you all those answers, and more!

Relevance of having your accounting information in order of Small Business Bookkeeping Services

Part of the work of the accounting area is to keep a record of all commercial operations carried out within the company, classifying them in a methodical, structured and justified manner.

These data are expressed in the valuable financial reports that are available thanks to the accounting processes of your company: the statement of financial position, the trial balance, the income statement and the DIOT (Informative Declaration of Operations with Third Parties), to mention Some.

However, it is not enough to understand its importance for our company, we must, on the one hand, put it in order and, on the other hand, use it as a tool to improve our competitiveness. Because yes: “A well-organized and up-to-date accounting system is the compass that leads a company to success“.

Advantages of accounting for your company

Advantages of accounting for your company

As an entrepreneur, you must learn to visualize accounting as one of the best tools to carry out better decision-making in your day-to-day life. Discover below some of the things that perhaps you did not even imagine you could do with your accounting:

  • Know what are the debts that you have with the creditors.
  • Monitor the amounts of  accounts receivable to predict trends and behaviors in customers.
  • Establish detailed budgets and detect inefficiencies in your operations.
  • It allows to control expenses and investments , as well as income and expenses .
  • Know what your utility is or, failing that, your loss of money.
  • Determine how much an item costs to produce and how much you can sell it for
  • Anticipate changes in the industry by detecting sudden changes in supply chain costs and profitability levels.
  • Understand your financial position to detect problem areas that affect obtaining credit.

Always keep in mind that the objective of accounting is to provide real and accurate information about the business, so poor accounting in Small Business Bookkeeping Services not only generates inaccurate information, but it will lead you to make wrong decisions that could cause serious problems for the company.

Electronic accounting, alternative to achieve success

However, it is true that accounting work can be, at the very least, tedious and complex. That is why one of the best alternatives is the use of accounting software that allows you to automate tasks and eliminate calculation errors that can cause huge headaches.

Bind ERP is an alternative that allows you to integrate and keep all the financial information of your company updated in a safe and reliable way. In addition, our accounting software provides you with reports, vouchers and graphs designed to support you when evaluating the financial status of your business.


Now that you know the importance of accounting, the next time you think about it, you will know that it is not only useful for your tax returns. Provided that  correct accounting also allows you to compete in the market and achieve success