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PVC Pipes Vs Mueller Copper Pipe Price in Pakistan

Home plumbing and DIY repair professionals claim that it is ideal for household plumbing. Is it Mueller Copper Pipe price in Pakistan or PVC pipe? Like the other two home improvement options, both have their strengths and weaknesses, Blain’s Farm & Fleet can help you decide what is best for your home.

Mueller Copper Pipe Price in Pakistan

The Mueller Copper Pipe price in Pakistan is the only choice for home plumbing. Most older homes now have copper plumbing. Copper is a tough, malleable natural metal that can be used to make pipes that remain very strong even with very thin walls. It is often the best choice for professional contractors and plumbers. Copper pipes give the water a metallic smell. But some homeowners don’t like it and others don’t.

Sometimes copper pipes are used to supply water. Household plumbing pipes can be hard or soft. Copper tubes are precious metal tubes often used in high-end commercial facilities. Considering the price, it is not suitable for a house with some kind of groundwater


  • If the running water is not acidic, it will last longer than plastic pipes.
  • Suitable for narrow spaces for water supply in narrow spaces Thin and thin copper pipes are ideal.
  • It is more vibration resistant than PVC pipe. Since the joints are very flexible and suitable for seismic areas.
  • Detergent Copper is just metal and does not contain chemicals like PVC. Most people claim that copper pipe is not as hazardous to health as plastic pipe.


  • If the running water is acidic, you can eat it.
  • Installation is Harder Copper pipe fittings require soldering and are often the best installation method for a professional plumber.
  • They are more expensive than PVC pipes.
  • More noise, especially at high pressure

PVC Pipes

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a durable plastic compound. lightweight and durable that plumbers and clothes dryers have used as pipes for years. Nowadays, PVC pipes are used for plumbing in many new homes. And this is a common method of using homemade pipes.


  • Quiet, even with higher water pressure and speed
  • Plastic does not rust, and plastic pipes are thicker than copper pipes. Therefore, it is more resistant to corrosion than copper pipe and is damaged by impact. This means it is suitable for areas with open air ducts and high traffic areas.
  • Easier to install than copper pipe.Simply clean the PVC cement and glue the joints.
  • Cheaper than copper pipe
  • It is difficult to harden because PVC does not conduct heat like copper.


  • Not very strong – the cement used to hold the sutures in place can crack or crack over time.
  • inelastic joints
  • Although there is no link between PVC and health problems. But some argue that there is a danger of chemical contamination of the water flowing through PVC pipes.
  • Due to the thickness of the PVC pipe, it cannot be placed in a narrow space such as a copper pipe.


Your home’s plumbing system may look like a complex collection of pipes. But over time, learning how each system works will make you a more confident homeowner. You will be able to navigate any issue. What you test with the plumbing system in your home and solve the problem yourself or with the help of a plumber.

If your home already has PVC plumbing and you’re happy, keep using PVC. If you already have a Mueller Copper Pipe and are happy with it, use copper when choosing pipes for your new home. Consider the acidity of the water. Evidence of earthquakes in the area and see if the pipe is in heavy traffic. Like many plastics, PVC can be brittle at low temperatures. As a result, Mueller Copper Pipe price in Pakistan are more prone to freezing and beneficial in HVAC Companies in Pakistan. Plastic pipes, on the other hand, tend to crack when frozen.