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Match Between The Two Friends: Rey Mysterio Vs Batista

Rey Mysterio is the stage nickname of Oscar Gutierrez Rubio, who is a Mexican-American professional wrestler. He is presently affiliated with WWE’s Raw brand, where he competes. Even with his lightweight of 79 kg, Mysterio has competed in the Heavyweight and Cruiserweight categories, along with Tag Team tournaments. The most famous move of Mysterio is the high-flying style. This technique was in the trend during 1990. Mysterio has won five World Cruiserweight Championships, three World Tag Team Championships, and three Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships. By beating giant challengers like Bam Bam Bigelow and Kevin Nash, Mysterio earned the title “giant killer.”

David Michael “Dave” Bautista, Jr. is a former professional wrestler, bodybuilder, mixed martial artist, and American actor, best known for his career in WWE as Batista. He has earned the Global Heavyweight Championship multiple times and the WWE Championship two times, making him a six-time world champion. He holds the record for the longest-surviving World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history, as well as three World Tag Team Championships. It wasn’t until after a transfer to Raw and two wins over Kane that “The Animal” became a huge star for the WWE. When fans were roaring for Rey Mysterio vs. Batista at Bragging Rights in 2009, Batista stunned the world by accusing Rey Mysterio of something like a failure to The Undertaker, and then attacked his fellow tag team companion.

Famous match between Rey Mysterio and Batista

On January 15, 2010, Rey Mysterio faced Batista in a steel cage match on SmackDown, which became one of the toughest battles of his WWE career. Batista and Rey Mysterio used to be best friends, but a championship belt destroyed that friendship. Rey Mysterio and Batista had seen enthusiasm in the public’s eyes. Many people gathered in the WWE stadium to witness the legendary fight between the two best friends, Rey Mysterio, and Batista. First, with a grand entrance, Batista appeared in the ring, and later, following him, Rey Mysterio made his grand entrance. The moment the referee started the match, both players started to fight at their most intense level.

At first, Batista was overpowering Rey Mysterio. Soon after, Rey Mysterio collapsed on the surface of the ring, after which Batista delivered his signature move. Suddenly, Rey Mysterio woke up with an energetic aura. People were going crazy as the anchors were screaming, “Rey Mysterio vs. Batista“. The match ended with Rey Mysterio being the winner. Within a week of defeating Batista, Mysterio was declared the number one candidate for the World Heavyweight Championship. But his championship fight against The Undertaker on SmackDown on December 25 ended with a no-contest after Batista interfered.


The public was enjoying the match so cheerfully, they forgot about the fact that a bond of friendship had been shivered by the championship belt. After the match, Rey Mysterio remained a friend of Batista. The encounter between them ended up becoming one of those battles that everyone present at the time would remember. While Mysterio remains active in WWE, Batista has mostly resigned from the arena after his Super Bowl 35 match with Triple H.