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How to Take Care of Your Luxury Items in Rigid Box Packaging?

Everyone loves YouTube as a social media channel. However, many people love finding blog posts helpful. Especially in an office, you surely know how difficult it is to read blog posts and watch YT videos discreetly. So, I thought it was a good idea to show you all the tips and tricks for caring for luxury handbags and shoes in a blog post.

So, without further ado, here is how you can maintain your luxury.

Store your bags properly.

It is important – you certainly need space, but don’t think you need a wardrobe to properly store your bags. I’ve only recently added a wardrobe. My biggest trick is keeping the bag in the closet. My main trick is to fold the straps and handles of the bag as much as possible, and then fill them with soft things like tissue, clothes, and wrapping paper. You can also use custom rigid box packaging. If possible, put everything in a standing position, even if you have to line everything up. Otherwise, lay the bag flat, but do not stack or place heavy objects on it to avoid deforming the leather.

Washed drum head

When you buy a Chanel bag, with the entire package, you may get a soft leather cloth to polish the lambskin. Believe it or not, these clothes work. Simply rub the affected area lightly to reduce scratches, dents, and wrinkles. I do this with all my Chanel lambskin bags, and it helps keep the leather soft and shiny.

Allow the bag to breathe.

It’s always fun to get different messages when I leave my luggage outside. My closet is only two years old, but I almost always keep my bags outside because I love looking at them! It keeps them healthy without damaging them. It never hurts even if you put the bag in a dust bag. You need to let it breathe now and then to keep the leather fresh. Make sure you get custom box packaging with breathable material.

Sunlight is also an important factor in this field. In reality, I only open the curtains when I use the room, and that’s 90% of the time. I use it to prepare and shoot videos. I don’t have to worry about fading the color of the bag due to the sun, as the bag tilts a bit when the sun is strong. We would recommend keeping the bags and custom rigid box packaging outside if they are exposed to direct sunlight or covering them as much as possible.

Use the bag shaper and bag organizer.

Bag shapers and bag organizers can be very helpful if you are concerned about bag sag or structural issues. I use many products, but my favorites are the Love Lolo Liner, Lanillio Liner, and the lesser-known Kate and Cham Liner. 

Use a material protector.

I can honestly say that I will never buy suede items without spraying water again. Why don’t you, especially when we’re talking about the price of Stuart Weitzman’s over-the-knee boots? It’s super easy to use. You only need to spray on boots and wait a few hours. I service them every few months. My favorite suede boots are from Scotchgard, and my favorite multipurpose products are these from Scotchgard and this one from Colonel. If these products are not available in your country, search on Amazon and filter by the highest ratings – that’s how I found them.

Prevent color transfer

If you want to prevent color migration, we suggest two approaches. First, spray the object, whether it’s a bag or a shoe. I like to use cologne spray for this. Next, spray the jeans to help set the color.

Check luggage and shoes.

It’s the easiest and cheapest item on this list (mostly because it’s free, lol). People ask me how my shoes are so clean, and the answer is simple.

Rotate your items.

Even if you only have a good bag, it’s worth buying a cheaper bag and taking turns. Using luxuries is good, but I always use extras to help balance my spending.

Use a travel dust bag.

Dust bags are available, and those traveling with their favorite things should take advantage of them. I put my expensive shoes and bags there. Expensive shoes and bags are there, and bags are always in hand luggage. Another fancy idea? If you have a larger bag, you can put a smaller bag inside to protect and save space.

Think hard about the environment

The last piece of advice is to be environmentally conscious. It’s hardly a good idea to go out with a bag of flimsy materials without checking the weather forecast. If I knew I was going to a crowded bar, caviar or grain leather would suit me better than lambskin. These items will last longer if you are aware of your surroundings.