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Limpopo 10 Reasons to Visit

  • JatinB 

Limpopo is known for its big rivers, splashing hippo and immersive culture. Jozi is just a short drive from the former Northern Province. This province offers incredible experiences, big five and wild bushveld. Here are the top ten Things to Do in Limpopo.

The Big 5

Limpopo’s incredible wildlife is what makes it so special. South Africa’s extraordinary animals are not just found in Kruger Park. Many smaller, often private, game parks can also be found throughout the province. Because of the strong, gushing waters, the enormous trees, the open sky and the never-ending wilds, the wildlife seems more exciting.

African Gateway

Limpopo is known as “The Gateway to Africa” because of its borders with Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique. You can also stay in the province and go on day trips to the neighboring countries. This allows you to experience a tenfold increase in your options.

Cultural Heritage

The Mapungubwe Historical Site and The Ribolla Culture Route are worth visiting. Together, they combine the old with new. The Mapungubwe Historical site dates back as far as the Iron Age. It also features San rock artwork. The Ribolla Cultural Route, on the contrary, explores traditional young artist’s home villages. The route allows you to see their work as well as how traditional Venda residents live.


South Africans know Oppikoppi well as those who love great music, great food and lots of fun. The town of Northam is a quiet place where you can see some well-known and lesser-known acts. This is the weekend getaway you should choose if you enjoy camping and meeting new people.

Magic and Mysticism

Limpopo has a lot of myths and mystery. Lake Fundudzi & Thathe Vondo Forest are great places to go if you love stories that leave you with goosebumps. You can find out the fascinating and informative guided tours that will take you to stories about a great whitecrocodile or a giant Python, as well as a village made up of cursed people. The Cave of Hearths houses rock art and a human skull that are testaments to our earliest ancestors.

The flowers are stunning

The Magoebaskloof Easter festival is an explosion of colours and a feast to the eyes. The Magoebaskloof Hotel grows an amazing amount of orchids. However, in spring many other plants produce a living painting. The hotel was originally built in the 1930s. It was almost entirely destroyed by fire during 2004. Only the Post Box Pub (with Dickie Dagge’s conference room) and one wing remained of the original building.

The mountains are an ancient place

Waterberg is one country’s oldest mountain ranges and was first to be made a UNESCO World Heritage area in South Africa. Waterberg Biosphere contains a range of wildlife, including a large variety of birds and big game. You can also find history at the site, with some sites dating back as far as primitive man. Caves are available for anyone who loves to spelunk, but make sure to go with a guide.

The water is warm

Bela Bela is located close to Jozi. It can be accessed via the N4. Formerly known as Warmbaths this region is famous for its hot springs natural hot tubs. You can relax in the warm mineral water without worrying about your skin.

The trees are immense

Baobabs might be Africa’s largest tree. According to legend, the gods dropped a tree from heaven onto the earth and it landed upside down on the ground. That is why the branches appear like a root network. Baobabs can be awe inspiring to see, some of them being more than 1000 years old. They are also large enough to hold a small bar. Marula Tree, a magnificent piece to nature that towers at about 15 metres high, is something you should be in awe. The tree is high-in vitamin C and is used in Amarula Cream liquor – a well-known South African liquor brand.

The people are the royalty

The Rain Queen, the hereditary Balobedu princess, is a local queen known to Limpopo. The Rain Queen’s position in the family is matrilineal. That means that the eldest daughter will inherit the throne. There is currently no Rain Queen, since the last queen in 2015 died. At the age of 18, she will likely be crowned as the next in her line to the throne.

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