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Keep Your Loved Ones Safe With Touch Locked uPVC Windows

As the phrase goes, ‘a man’s home is his castle’, and it makes sense when people put all their energies and resources in making their home a “safe place” for their loved ones. Though we may not all be able to construct a moat around our homes, we can all make sure that they are secure, keeping attackers at bay and our families safe. In this blog we will be discussing a few points and a major product – Touch lock for uPVC window that is known for keeping the security and aesthetics of your windows intact.

Windows are the eyes of our homes – dazzling and full of emotions. Besides offering beauty, light and ventilation to our homes, these humble windows can easily be seen as a negative asset to the house – a security lapse, a common point of entry, a forgotten asset leading to unwanted access to someone hidden around your home. Left open by a forgetful housemate, it can be easy to gain access without forcing entry. In addition, if you have kids, a window without easy and efficient locking system could be your worst nightmare.

It does not involve rocket-science, when we say that the locking system should match the window and door type. The right kind of locking mechanisms will really make the houses secure from any break-ins. So, if you have installed uPVC windows, which means you have studied the market and the benefits offered by these windows and next thing that you should consider is having a locking system that matches the attributes of your windows. There are window locks available like Touch lock for uPVC window that are specially designed for them and for any home’s safety and protection.

There are certain features that you should look for when it comes to finding locks for uPVC windows. It is best that you know of these, as they are important in meeting the safety and protection needs of your home.
One of these is the way they have been built. Touch locks for window locks have been built to last for many years. They are tough and able to withstand years of wear and tear. As uPVC windows are built to be thermal insulators, the touch locks crafted specifically for them matches this kind of usefulness and durability.

Another feature touch locks offer are their ability to have the windows opened easily for the easy flow of air into and outside your house. While providing this, it is crafted to ensure and maintain the security of your home. This is a very important feature that you’d need especially during summers, wherein you’d be most concerned about the ventilation of your home. Another important attribute of touch locks is their simplicity and ease of usage. This is to ensure that even your kids can easily close and open your windows, while maintaining its functionality of securing your home (Yes, we are repeating the same lines again and again, but security is the priority for all of us).
Specifications of Touch lock for uPVC window:

Material Aluminium, Zinc
Finish Powder Coated
Application uPVC
Features Touch Lock, Long Functional Life,  Perfect Shape, Compact Size and Defect Free
Performance Optimum
Colour White
Fixing Screw
Advantages Maintains Aesthetics Of Windows, Easy  To Operate

General awareness:- The most important aspect of improved window safety is to use common sense:

  1. Always double check whether you have shut and locked the windows before leaving the house.
  2. Take the keys out of the locks and keep them at a safe place.
  3. Since, we have glasses on our windows, they give extra eyes and interest to outsiders, leading to peeking. So, never leave valuables within sight, which might attract a passing opportunist.
  4. Pay attention to your kids, if they are in the area or room where you have left your window open.

None of the above security points are something that we already don’t know, but practicing them will surely improve the security of your loved ones and belongings at home.