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The Idea of Cultural and Nationalism: What they both can Teach Us

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Nationalism is the sentiment of belonging to one’s nation. It ranges from extreme patriotism to mere pride in one’s national identity. Nationalism can be seen as a political ideology that demands that the inhabitants of a specific geographic region or political entity share a common language, culture, and social identity. It’s an idea that means different things to different people and is not always positive.

Cultural nationalism is something else and it refers to the promotion of cultural survival and preservation amongst minorities by the group they belong to – such as Irish culture in Ireland or African-American culture in America. The nationalist idea can teach us about how we should preserve our own cultures while also accepting others’.

Section 1: The Cultural Perspective

In today’s society, the concept of nationalism is constantly in a state of flux and debate. While some people believe in the right to be proud of their national identity, others feel uncomfortable with this. However, nationalism’s proclivity towards traditionalism makes it hard for any minority group to gain a foothold within a nationalism.

The cultural perspective of an Islamic extremist is really interesting. Why are they so intent on creating a national culture of a unique and Islamic identity? Islam is based on a synthesis of over 1,400 years of cultural values, customs, beliefs, and traditions. Islam is a very inclusive religion, and is full of symbols, knowledge and beliefs from all cultures. There is no Muslim culture in a vacuum.

The Nationalist Perspective

For those who were born and raised in the United States, the US is their home. It’s where they were born and raised and they have a tendency to see the US as the center of the world and all that is true and worthwhile, while forgetting about the rest of the world. In their view, the US is culturally and historically pure. It’s not meant for improvement, because it already exists, and therefore it has no need for change. If we don’t change the ways we are, it can’t be improved and it can’t be altered. While we may be the most successful nation in the world, it’s also true that there are many other nations with more of a degree of freedom and opportunity. We should feel blessed,Assignment Help Malaysia but that doesn’t mean we can afford to ignore the rest of the world.


This piece is intended as a brief and very basic introduction to cultural nationalism and how it relates to nationalism as a political ideology. A real understanding of cultural nationalism is never complete without a careful understanding of nationalism itself, homework help malaysia so we’ll be returning to cultural nationalism and nationalism in future posts.

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They can give us ideas for guiding our lives and guiding our lands.

The words themselves are bland and taken out of context and the concluding paragraph was a truly disastrous exercise in scaremongering. The article could only have been written by someone with no interest in Hungary.

The Kingdom of Hungary was never that powerful.