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How to use the black colour of the interior

Black shades can be used to enhance the decoration of almost every room in the house. Using black as an accent or spot colour helps to divide the space that adds depth and charm to your chosen aesthetic. 

Perhaps more than any other colour, you can use black to draw attention to space. It works essentially like a picture frame or eyeliner. Therefore, if you want to use black as a sublime colour in your interior design, look at the black cushions and black lampshades and then use them as part of a patterned black Roman shade, roller blind,  or black curtain. please. 

You can use black in a support role to assist other tones in combination with the appropriate colour or use it more freely with other tones to add chic contrast. Want to know the best colour for black? 

Which colour suits black? 

Black and white 

Black and white have probably been used for thousands of years to be very effective. From the symbols of yin and yang to the chessboard, this partnership is on the other side of the spectrum, but beyond the beauty. If using shades of black as a supporting colour isn’t quite your thing, and you want to try something a little more daring, look to larger black furnishings interjected within a white interior. 

You can check out our blackout curtains for windows and Roman blinds, or for something a little different, our fantastic Premier Charcoal Black Shutter, wooden blinds or panel blinds. 

Black and gold 

Like black and white, the black and gold combination is a true classic within the realms of interior design. The success of black and gold is based upon its flexibility and the profusion of possibilities it opens for stylish decorators. Gold and black can be used either separately or combined within a single patterned furnishing. 

 For example, a black lampshade with a gold interior captures the sophisticated atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties, while swirling black and gold patterned curtains give way only to the epitome of class and style. can not. 

Black and jewel tone 

This may sound a bit bold, but under the right circumstances, black is easy to use in red, blue, green, and yellow gem tones. Black and golden yellow are a more established combination and follow the same rules as metallic gold. 

Red (especially the scarlet or other gem tones of brightly patterned fabrics) and black blend as well as bold green. If you’re considering green, you can bend the rule a bit and replace black with a very dark charcoal grey. Learn more in our Anthracite Colour blog. 

For shades of blue, bright jewel tones can be enjoyed but so too can deeper tones. If you want to play on the idea of black and white, you could even consider substituting black for navy or indigo!

Let’s stay with anthracite
Unlike the other colours we’ve looked at in our blogs, many initially find black to be a fairly exorbitant colour, but it’s not. It’s not exactly black, but there are some colours that are a modern twist on black in interior design, especially dark grey. By softening the shade, you can enjoy a wider range of colours, from antique rose to powder blue. If you want to create a chic space, you can combine dark grey tones with black to accentuate plain white. This creates a retro feel of the 1960s and will be popular for the next few years.

The best black material for home decor

When using black, the material is a very important issue. If you are looking for home decor located on the traditional edge of the spectrum of interior design, you can’t beat velvet. Velvet and black are classic combinations that work the same at home and in clothing, depending on how they interact with light. This combination of brilliance and darkness expresses a beautiful contrast that is hard to hit! For more information on this amazing fabric, see the blog “Velvet Types” and tips for using them in interior design.