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How to store walnuts safely and maintain freshness

Have you purchased walnuts in bulk for everyday usage? Are you a dry fruit seller with a huge quantity of walnuts in your store? Then you must preserve the walnuts carefully. Keeping them fresh for more extended periods without losing their actual nutritional value is essential.

Keep away from warm temperatures.

Leaving walnuts in warm temperatures for extended periods of time causes the fat inside them to change and melt, causing them to become rancid. If a walnut has become rubbery, you can confirm it is turning old. Likewise, you should not consume walnuts when their odor changes. If the odor appears to be something like paint thinner, then you should immediately throw it away. To keep walnuts fresh, it is essential to follow proper storage technologies.

The importance of original packing

Those who have purchased the walnuts in sealed packaging can keep them in the original packaging as long as they can. If you are unable to reseal the original packing, you should consider transferring the walnuts to an airtight container to keep them fresh. You should take advantage of the storage method, or else the entire money you spent on the walnuts may get wasted.

Tips for keeping walnuts clean and safe: 

Here are some tips to know how to store walnuts and care for them. Follow these tips and preserve your walnuts. 

 Maintain appropriate temperature

 If you are a wholesale supplier of dry fruits, the temperature where you are looking to store the walnuts is crucial. To keep them fresh, consider storing them in a low-moisture environment. Therefore, it is recommended to ensure that the temperature in that area is around 33-41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dry fruit sellers should follow this temperature rule at any cost to avoid running into losses. It might cost you a little amount to create these conditions, but it will be a long-term investment where you can continuously purchase dry fruits and store them safely.

Select a cool environment

Dry fruits like walnuts have a longer shelf life, but they may get spoiled and become ineligible for consumption if proper care is not taken while storing them. It is recommended to keep the bulk stock of walnuts in a cool place to keep them fresh. You must also ensure that the environment is cool to prevent it from getting spoiled. Storing walnuts in cold storage like refrigerators prolongs their life for years and months without getting rotten. The process for storing walnuts in a refrigerator:

There are a few steps that you need to follow to increase the life of walnuts by using a freezer or walnut care.

 1. Firstly, get an airtight bag from the market or order it online based on the quantity of walnuts you want to preserve regularly

2. Place all of the walnuts inside the bag and close it tightly. Put the sealed bag inside the refrigerator.

3. Remove the bag from the freezer, open it, take out the required quantity of walnuts when needed, and seal the bag tightly again.

 4. Both shelled and unshelled walnuts can be safely stored in an airtight box for up to six months.

Place walnuts away from other foods

Walnuts are known to absorb odors from the other foods that are nearby. In particular, make sure that you do not keep them near onions and oranges, which have a strong odor when compared to other foods.

 As a result, it is recommended that airtight containers be purchased at the time of purchase in order to store and maintain the crunchy taste of the walnuts for an extended period of time. When you invest a huge amount in walnuts, it makes sense to invest a tiny amount in preserving containers.

Follow these tips when using an airtight bag or container

It is very important to remove the excess air from the bag before dropping the walnuts into the airtight bag. Manual removal of air might not make you remove the air altogether, so you must use a vacuum sealer. You can squeeze the maximum amount of air from the bag using a vacuum sealer.

Using a bag with a zip

It is very advantageous to use an airtight bag with a zip as it allows you to remove as much air as you can. However, a small amount of air will be left inside the bag even after pulling some air through the sealer. Therefore, zip the bag entirely and leave a small space to place a straw inside it. With the help of the straw, you can draw out the remaining air and then seal the bag thoroughly at the same time as when you remove the straw.


If the shelled walnuts are not stored properly, they may get damaged within a month or two. In addition, due to the high oil percentage in the walnuts, they may become rancid quickly. So it is essential to store them carefully by following the above mentioned methods and preventing them from getting exposed to air for more extended periods. Keeping walnuts fresh makes them taste crunchy and smell good when consumed directly or used as an ingredient in the food.

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