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How to Maintain and Clean Your Designer Fabric Sofa?

Gathering with friends from time to time, a movie night with a TV set, the sofa shares our daily life and is rarely protected from inadvertent dirt.

In addition, a fabric sofa, as beautiful and comfortable as it is, unfortunately, attracts more dust and stains than its leather counterpart. We cannot compare it, it is also much cheaper, and personally, much prettier!

1. Regular cleaning of a fabric sofa

As for a house or an apartment, light but regular maintenance avoids major cleaning work often requiring the intervention of a professional.

Vacuuming avoids the accumulation of dust, preventing the colors of the sofa from fading. Occasional cleaning of the sofa is necessary as soon as a stain forms on the fabric. It is best to intervene as quickly as possible with absorbent paper to prevent the stain from drying.

Here is a little guide to grandma’s tips that you can use to properly clean and maintain a fabric sofa. The stain removers used are products that are easily available in supermarkets and that we often have in reserve for various household tasks.

Textile sofa with removable cover

To clean a textile sofa with a removable cover, just put the covers in the washing machine every two years.

You can use your usual stain removers when you encounter stubborn stains. You can also take your cover to the dry cleaners.

Sofa not removable

All fabric corner sofas from Designer have non-removable or so-called upholsterer covers.

On this type of fabric sofa, it is necessary to remove dust at least every two weeks. The use of a vacuum cleaner is recommended because a cloth often leaves streaks of dirt on the fabric.

Deeper cleaning is recommended approximately every month. You can use dry cleaning with foams or cleaning with water. Also try: Best Sofa cleaning in Darling Point

Be careful when cleaning with water, take care not to wet the sofa too much. Indeed, many sofa models are currently upholstered with canvas straps and horsehair under the fabric, as on some sofas from Made, Atylia, or Miliboo. And overwetting the fabric during cleaning can cause them to rub off.

For cleaning with water you must use a special shampoo. Mix it with water and apply the mixture to the fabric of the sofa without wetting it too much with a clean cloth. After gently dabbing it, rinse the fabric and let it dry.

If you ever have to change your sofa, be sure to opt for sofas with Nosag spring. Much better for maintenance but above all excellent for seating and lifespan.

Dry cleaning with foams, on the other hand, is specially intended for textiles. This method removes impurities while returning the fabric to its original color.

Spray the “special sofa foam” over the entire surface of the sofa and let it act for a few good minutes before dabbing the fabric with a clean cloth. A vacuum cleaner can remove stubborn dust.

During cleaning, whatever the method used, it is advisable to protect the frames and the legs of the chair with adhesive tape.

2. Tricks for detaching a fabric sofa

In addition to the regular cleaning of the fabric, it may also be necessary to carry out a special cleaning to remove stains, which requires the application of a stain remover.

It is recommended to always test the stain remover on the hidden parts of the sofa before cleaning to avoid glossing, shrinkage, loss of hold, or color bleeding.

After stain removal, avoid halos by first cleaning the stain before attacking the seat of the sofa. The methods and stain removers to use vary depending on the type of stain and whether it is more common or not.

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