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How To Get It Right With Small Business Web Development

Getting it right with your small business web development project will require you to do things while thinking of the millions of people accessing the internet and then asking yourself how to make your site speak to them. Everything will start with taking a keener look at the various aspects of the web development process. Thus, building a website for business or personal use will require a robust development plan that accounts for a unique design.

Web development and web design are two different elements that are often viewed by many rookies as the same. However, the skills of design and those of development differ and thus will require different experts to handle each part of the job. But then again, most developers may have some in-depth knowledge of design. For this, you will have two types of developers – frontend and backend developers.

• The front-end developers focus on how to make the site connect or speak to the target market or audience. Their objective is to work on the various elements that address what the online users want to see when they visit your website (everything related to the design and content). You can have very great and informative content that will market your business online, but the content may fail to have a significant impact if the website’s design is lackluster. In short, the two go hand-in-hand.

• The Backend developers focus on various things related to ensuring that you have a functional and supportive database and servers and ensuring there is a robust interaction between the two. In so doing, they create avenues that include scripted permits for users to interact with your business’ website. Part of this will include web server configuration and the development of e-commerce features such as payment systems.

If you combine the two types of web developers, you will have a team of experts skilled in multiple fields that include information architecture, web content management systems, web design, database administration, web server administration, web network security, software engineering, usability engineering, and search engine optimization.

Why Design Is An Important Part Of The Web Development Process

Development that births an interactive website by design; should be the ultimate goal. Get this right, and you will have a site that is ready to address the various challenges of getting to the top ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It will start with the basics of developing a website which includes the creation of scripts, programming, and other features mentioned above that lead to flawless interactions. All this should be done with all aspects related to usability at the core of the development process while also focusing on the final look (the User Interface).

The User Interface (UI) plays a significant role in the functions of any site. Since the goal is to make the website interactive, it should have more of a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that offers better ways for users to navigate the site. Conversely, the final product based on the GUI should be a website with several menus, buttons, and directories that provide different options for accessing and viewing information across all pages.

Quick Tip:

If you are to hire the services of a web developer, make sure that you evaluate their style of work and experience. Start with finding out if they know the difference between web development and web design; that is how you will ensure that you get it right for your small business web development project.