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How to fix Epson Printer in Error State Problem?

Have you recently encountered an issue where you thought your Epson printer was functioning perfectly, and then suddenly was able to read the Epson printer in error? No worries! This is a fairly common error that the majority of Epson users will encounter on their printers. A broken power supply, defective ink cartridge, or even installation issues could cause your Epson to go into an error condition like Epson printer error 0x97. Additionally, problems with the printer’s hardware or paper can cause Epson printer issues with the state.

It doesn’t matter if your Epson is stuck in this scenario for quite a while or you have just discovered the issue right now, you’ll get reliable solutions from this article. These steps have been designed to assist you in fixing the printer that is in error Epson Windows 10. If you have any problems with these steps, call us a call. Our Epson technical support specialist will help you with an on-call. Let’s get started.

The reason is the fact that the Epson Printer is operating in an incorrect condition

The solution to fixing the Epson printer error state could be a lot simpler if you understood the real reason behind the error. The following are the most probable causes of an Epson printer malfunctioning. Take a look at these suggestions and check if any problems are the cause of your printer’s problems.

  • Incorrect installation of software for printing.
  • You are not connecting your printer to your network or computer correctly.
  • The paper that is jammed or any foreign object is stuck in the printer’s cabinet.
  • Ink cartridges are not correctly fitted to the printer.
  • A power source has been broken at your home and this causes the Epson printer to be in error Windows 10.
  • Incorrect or damaged printer drivers can cause problems with error states.
  • There is a possibility that HTML0 could be caused by hardware malfunctions can be considered.

How do I fix an Epson printer with an error?

As of now, you ought to know the cause of your Epson printer being in error. If you aren’t able to pinpoint the source, you must follow the steps listed in this article to begin investigating the error state issue. Don’t skip over or ignore the steps listed below.

Step 1. Examine the connections of the printer

It’s the initial and most straightforward method to repair printer problems. It is the least thought of step because people don’t take notice of poor connections. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Check that the cable that connects the printer and computer isn’t damaged.
  2. Replace all worn or frayed wires.
  3. The power cable should be connected correctly in a proper way to power sources.
  4. It is possible to use compressed air to blast the dust and dirt from wires when you can.
  5. Try to disconnect the power supply and reconnect it again after 5 minutes. Make sure that it doesn’t display the printer with an error state in the display.

Step 2. Open the Windows troubleshooter to find the Epson printer which is in error

It is the Windows troubleshooter is integrated software that you can install on your computer. It can assist you in resolving errors in Epson. The steps below will help to launch the troubleshooter.

  1. Click onto the Windows Search bar, type printers, and press Enter.
  2. Then, go to Printing and Devices where the devices list is displayed.
  3. Right-click the Epson printer and then click Troubleshoot.
  4. You should wait until the troubleshooter takes the scene.
  5. The malfunctioning Epson printer will be back in operation after the troubleshooter software is completed. You may also restart the printer to return it to normal. If the issue persists we would advise you to install the printer drivers again.

Reinstall or upgrade the Epson drivers.

Did you upgrade your computer recently? If yes, your current driver for your printer may not be compatible with the new driver for the system, causing your Epson printer to be in error mode. However, if you’ve not updated your system driver then you must do so and update your printer drivers too. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. You can open the Run dialog box on your personal computer. To open the Run dialog box, use the Windows as well as R key shortcuts (press both keys together).
  2. Enter MSC, then press Enter.
  3. You will arrive on the Device Manager
  4. Find the device, click it, and then click to update the driver’s software.
  5. Click on search automatically to find the most recent driver programs as well as continue following the instructions on the screen to finish the process.

Step 4. Clean the printhead and cabinet for the printer.

Epson printers are built with precision and any disturbance by an object that is not yours can lead to problems such as errors state issues. It is important to be cautious not to build up dust, paper, or other undesirable things within the printer. Additionally, blockages within printheads may be the reason behind problems with the printer.

Remove the blockage in the printhead

  1. Shut off the power to your Epson printer and then disconnect it from all power sources.
  2. The printhead can be accessed by opening the cover of the printer.
  3. Manually shift the printhead towards the left.
  4. Turn on your printer and print an experiment page.
  5. Press the Tools button in the Control Panel of your Epson printer and choose the Print Quality
  6. Allow your printer to print the report with high quality and then click OK.
  7. Press to open the Menus menu, select Settings, and then click OK.
  8. In the Tools menu, select Clean Printhead. Click OK.
  9. The cleaning process will begin. When it’s done you are able to use your device as normal.

Eliminate any unwanted objects from the cabinet for printing

  1. Switch off the printer. Unplug to the source of power, and start the enclosure.
  2. Check to make sure that no paper is jammed in.
  3. Check the cabinet in detail and take out any paper or pieces of paper.
  4. Clean soft cloth, and then roll the paper roller gently to get rid of dust.
  5. Move the printhead manually towards the left, and then the right side to check for obstructions.
  6. Connect your device to its power source and turn it on and the issue should go away.

If the Printer is in Error State

You’ve tried everything, but without success? Do you think that you’ve messed up your device and could cause a problem in the future? Don’t worry. We are here to help. Tech support experts from our team have years of experience handling printer errors. All you have to do is dial us at our toll-free number and speak to our experts for a fast solution. Contact us now and remove the Epson printer that’s in error.

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