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How to Delete a Comment on Instagram Edit or Turn Off Offensive

  • Jason 

Edit or Turn Off Offensive & Old Remarks

If you have any concerns about a picture on IG, would you like to express how much they love the photo, or is it possible to leave comments? Sometimes, the words could become outdated. Perhaps the person who created the account doesn’t wish to read them anymore. click here to remove unwelcome comments on IG, just like on Facebook and Twitter. Follow these steps to discover how to remove comments on Instagram quickly in 2021.

Comment on Instagram

For those who are fortunate, Instagram customers, it is possible to send their own or other messages to the trash. The most significant part is that they don’t need to write the text themselves. The process can take about a minute, mainly when working with just a few text messages.

  • The steps for deleting Instagram comments are straightforward. Let’s review them below.
  • Log in to IG via mobile (IOs or Android are supported).
  • The text is beneath the images or videos. Click on the text, which will disappear.
  • If the user uses Android, the menu will pop up. It will show either the image of bins or “Delete.” Users who have IOs can only swipe left.
  • It’s over, and there’s nothing more to be done.

How to Delete a Comment on IG On Computer

Some users use Instagram with a laptop computer or laptop. Eliminating text messages is similar, but it’s not precisely identical. This is because some applications compatible with mobile devices do not function on desktop computers.

  • Follow this tutorial to remove your Instagram comment.
  • Also, visit your IG page and find the photo or video with an inappropriate comment.
  • Scroll down until you can find the text you want to delete.
  • When you tap on the icon, a menu will appear that allows you to delete the comment.
  • As you can see, this method is much easier when using the desktop instead of a mobile phone.

How to Edit a Comment on Instagram

If you aren’t happy with their comments in the past may take action to rectify the situation. The first thing to note is that there is no option to alter the content of a post because of its usage terms if someone wants to remove their comments but is not yet able to delete the words and then add a new comment.

Of course, people who have seen the content will be aware of this. The only thing that businesses and individuals can do is modify their posts on social networks.

Follow these helpful steps to discover how you can edit comments on IG:

  • Start the app by pressing the icon or using the desktop to find the account.
  • See if the article will be altered.
  • On the upper right-hand edge of the screen, there are various privacy choices. One of the options can be “editing.”
  • People can then delete or update information according to their preferences.
  • When they’re finished, tap the button labeled “Done,” and the blog will be live to allow others to read it.

Why Can’t I Delete Comments on Instagram?

A few of the reasons are:

The app isn’t regularly updated. Users could be in use without editing it in the Store for a long time. The solution is straightforward. Users only need to download the most recent version, and then the functionality will return.

The comment has been deleted. The person who wrote it may try to get rid of it by deleting the word, but the bug doesn’t allow the user not to see it.

Does Deleting a Comment Delete Replies on Instagram?

Yes, it is. Each one of these texts is subscribed to by the previous one. This is why they all disappear when the original comment is taken away. The theory is that they become orphans since they’re replying to something that isn’t there in the present. There isn’t any solution to this problem. One can’t erase the immediate comment if one wishes to preserve specific words.

Users can erase the comments that they posted on the images or videos. However, they are only able to do this with their creations. It’s impossible to take away the work of another writer.

  • To complete this task, search for the instructions.
  • Users using an iPhone will need to swipe left to get rid of comments.
  • The owners of Android devices must hold onto the device and then select “remove.”

Is Someone Notified When You Delete Their Comments?

Nobody receives any notification or alert. Of course, should these users decide to go back to the blog post, they don’t get to look at the content they posted. They’ll notice that something’s not there immediately. But, IG will not send any alert or message to let them know about the issue.

What Happens When You Hide an Instagram Comment?

If someone decides to limit the content of these posts, they will not be accessible to anyone. Only those who posted them can read the message. To hide the comment, the author needs to click on it and look for an option that says “hide.” Additionally, nobody will receive any notification for this act.

Can You Edit Someone Else’s Comment on IG?

It’s not feasible. Editing comments within this social media platform is only possible when the person commenting wants to edit and read their own. The only thing users can make of others’ comments is to delete the words from their pictures or video or IGTV.