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Home remedies for GERD

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Gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD, is a condition in which people experience great discomfort. In this disease. food travels back up from the stomach, full of harsh acid that is present in the stomach. The food then causes a burning sensation in the esophagus, leading to heartburn.

Having this occasionally is fine and can be blamed for sleeping right after eating the food or having too spicy food.

This run-of-the-pill heartburn is not labeled as GERD. When these episodes become more common, at least twice a week, they then lead to added problems, including coughing, pain in the chest, etc. This is known as GERD.

The treatment option for GERD is a composite of medication and lifestyle changes. You must enlist the help of your Gastroenterologist in Mid City Hospital for devising the treatment options for you.

The most prescribed medication for GERD includes antacids, milk of magnesium, etc. However, a more robust approach is required for more severe cases, as the esophagus can get damaged due to constant contact with the acid.

Lifestyle changes can also help in improving the symptoms of the condition. Some of the changes to make include:

Choice of clothing

Your clothing also may be contributing to your exacerbated symptoms of GERD. Tight shirts and pants press on your stomach, which then leads to food riding up in the esophageal tract.

Therefore, be mindful of your diet. Try to not wear trousers that press on your stomach, so perhaps, ride them low on your waist. Also, opt for loose clothing.

Know your triggers

Certain foods can lead to greater acid reflux. Knowing these and avoiding these can help you then improve your symptoms and prevent damage to your body. Some of the common culprits include caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea, spicy food, fried food or food with high-fat content, tomatoes and foods made from it, alcohol, and even mint.

The triggers can be subjective as well. For some people, foods high in sugar can also trigger heartburn.

Time for physical activity

It’s good for you to exercise, but it may backfire if you exercise right after eating. When you do that, you force your abdominal muscles to contract, and the food then moves up into the esophageal tract, thereby causing GERD.


Amongst the many issues caused by stress is heartburn as well. Neither the physical nor the mental toll of the disease should be made lightly of. Therefore, take steps to moderate your stress levels.

Some helpful tips include yoga, meditation, therapy, and mindfulness

Portion control

It is more likely for the food to be dredged back up when you overeat, after all, your body can work only so much. A good way to prevent overeating-induced GERD symptoms is by exercising portion control.

Watch when you eat

Your eating time also matters a lot as well. When you eat before bedtime, you make things worse, as laying down promotes acid reflux. Therefore, try to have bigger meals during the day, when you are more likely to stay upright.

Moreover, try to eat your dinner well before your bedtime, so that your body has time to digest. Also, bedtime munching also to go; you will just make your symptoms worse.

Sleeping posture

To help you sleep better and not suffer from the symptoms of GERD, you should elevate your head when sleeping, rather than lying flat in bed. Your head should be above your esophagus, so gravity does its job in keeping the food down. 

Natural remedies

Some herbs can also help you in abating the symptoms of heartburn. These include Ginger, licorice, chamomile, marshmallow, etc. These can be taken in form of soothing teas. Similarly, turmeric, bananas, and honey are also effective for remedying GERD’s symptoms.

However, you should consult your Best Gastroenterologist in Islamabad for which natural remedies to use for your condition.