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Here’s a list of the best Webex Meetings alternatives and competitors

Before the pandemic hit the world, virtual meetings were alien to many of us. Barely, any of us had used any digital platform for virtual meetings, but thanks to Covid19, virtual meetings became the new normal for us. Virtual meeting platforms allow people from different parts of the globe to come together digitally, and provide them a chance to get connected.

 Webex Meeting is a virtual platform that enables users to connect using HD videos and audio calls. Apart from Webex, many other virtual event platforms provide wonderful experiences of virtual meetings to their attendees and are comparatively more economical virtual event platforms than WebexMeeting. 

  Are you looking for alternatives to the Webex Meeting? Below, in the blog, we are incorporating a comprehensive list of alternatives for the Webex Meeting. 


Mixhubb is a leading 3D virtual event platform based on modern technology. Mixhubb is a virtual  platform that takes your webinar to the next level. It allows you to host uninterrupted HD video sessions with amazing audio quality. Mixhubb offers you the best virtual platform where you can host an unlimited number of virtual events on a single platform. Mixhubb is an all in one solution to all virtual events; from social webinars to town hall meet-ups, you can host any virtual event . You can organize any event irrespective of its size on the Mixhubb. Mixhubb has powerful advanced features that make it a leader among other virtual event platforms. Some of the features of mixhubb are as follows

  • It provides the best immersive experience to the attendees, Mixhubb makes them feel like they are physically attending the event. 
  • It allows customization of the registration page, where organizers can design, customize, and modify the registration page according to the needs of attendees.
  • It offers you the ease of registration; attendees can register via any of their social media accounts.
  • The Artificial Intelligence matchmaking feature ofMixhubb enables the attendees to connect with the other attendees having the same interests.
  • Mixhubb is a self-managed virtual platform allowing the host to manage the whole event by themselves.
  • Most importantly, it is an economical virtual event platform that does not create an extra burden on the pocket of the organizer.
  • Its data analytic feature is the most powerful feature, allowing organizers to analyze the data and the success of the event. 

Zoom Meeting:

Zoom is a virtual platform that one can access easily. It is a quick and user-friendly virtual platform. With Zoom, the host can securely scale up to 50,000 people in his live video webinar. Zoom offers many features like quick registration, quick audio-video call connections, instant file transfer, screen sharing, etc. While remaining in a meeting, you can instantly add more participants by sending an invitation to them. As Zoom offers customization features to its users, people can easily change the background of their meetings.

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is another virtual platform for organizing webinars. With Microsoft Team, organizers can schedule their webinar, quickly register themselves for the webinar, and can analyze the data of attendees of a webinar or an event for feedback. Microsoft Team enables online meeting calls, chat, file transfer, and screen sharing. Microsoft Teams has many features like a whiteboard, breakout rooms, filters for appearance, record meetings, etc.

It allows attendees to connect quickly via its in-built audio-video feature. One of its strong features is its software Team, where you can upload documents, which are automatically available to all the users of Team.

BlueJeans Meeting:

Blue Jeans Meeting provides amazing online meetings and video conference experience with clear video and Dolby audio voice. With Blue Jeans Meetings users and organizers can modify the background of their virtual event according to their needs and requirements.This virtual platform also enables the feature of recording live events. Restricting the Meeting feature of BlueJeans Meetings enables organizers to keep conversations of attendees secure.

Adobe Connect:

Adobe Connect is another reliable virtual event platform, where hosting a webinar is very easy.It offers HD video quality for meetings and webinars also. This is a cloud-based software, enabling the organizer to host the event with security. Adobe Connects also enables a modification feature that lets attendees select the background and layout of their own choice. It is an economical virtual event platform.

 Team Viewer:

Team Viewer is a virtual event platform that provides unique services for webinars like good-quality video conferences, secure data transfer, and screen sharing. This virtual event platform allures the organizers because of its quick and techno-based features. 


GoToMeeting is the best virtual platform for those organizations whose team members are located remote.It is a virtual event platform that offers full HD quality video and good sound quality during webinars and meetings. GoToMeeting gives you the independence to record the event ,which can be used later according to the convenience.  Organizers can host the meetings with a limit of 3,000 participants at a time. This virtual platform enables a feature of screen sharing and unlimited recording and is quick to use.

Zoho Meetings:

With the help of Zoho Meetings, meetings can be hosted virtually on any web browser without downloading any specific software or browser. Zoho Meetings have some amazing features like integrated audio conferencing, website embedding, and meeting control transferring.

Although Webex Meeting provides you with some features to make your webinar successful. There are other economical virtual event platforms also, which have more attractive features than Webex Meeting.

Above mentioned webinars platforms are the most common alternative to the Webex Meeting. In this blog, we have tried to update you about all the webinar platforms that are competitors of Webex Meeting. You can select the best virtual platform for your webinars according to your requirements.