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Get Tutubox iOS to install latest apps and games on iPhone and iPad

What is Tutubox iOS?

Tutubox is an app library for iOS which available to free download. With this Tutubox iOS app, people are welcome to download thousands of apps and games for free even that are not available on Apple App Store.

So with this amazing application, it is a simple task to get not only apps, but also emulators, jailbreak tools, and mod apps and games. So keep reading this article and know more about this Tutubox application.

tutubox ios

How to download Tutubox for iOS?

Downloading Tutubox for an iOS device like iPhone and iPad is free as I mentioned above. To download the Tutubox app, first, you need to go to Google and type “Tutubox iOS” and search. Choose a trusted website to get the Tutubox app.

When you find the download link, click on the link and allow the device to install Tutubox by clicking the “install” button.

Installation steps for Tutubox

  1. First, you need to delete history from the Safari browser on iPhone or iPad. Then you need to verify that you do not have any certificates enabled on your device.
  2. No go to the Wi-Fi settings > configure the proxy. Now type this web address ‘’ in the Automatic field.
  3. Turn off Wi-Fi and then again turn on Wifi as the next step.
  4. Now you are ready to install the Tutubox app. Use the above guide to download and install Tutubox on any iPhone or iPad that runs iOS 13 or later.

Advantages of Tutubox 

As I mentioned above, the Tutubox is free to download to any iOS device. It is a huge advantage when compared with another alternative app store for iOS.

On the other hand, the Tutubox is a lightweight application that needs less storage space on your local storage and also needs less power to run its activities.

To use the Apple App store, it is a must to have an Apple ID. But to work with the Tutubox iOS app you do not need to create or use an existing Apple ID. Even it does not require creating a user account too.

If you are not a fan of jailbreaking iOS, you are good to go with Tutubox as this app store alternative does not require jailbreaking your device. But if you have already jailbreak your iOS device, the Tutubox is also alright with that, it will install with the normal process.

Tutubox is designed with a user-friendly interface that helps to easily navigate and search for apps and games. It is good for the users who do not have the technical knowledge to install jailbreak tools, emulators, and mod app manually.

Tutubox works with the latest iOS versions and with the latest iOS devices. It works with iOS 13 and above and also it works with the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max and with the latest iPad versions.

Tutubox has jailbreak tools that are working without connecting to a PC. It is a huge advantage to iPhone users who do not have a PC.

What kind of apps that you can download with the Tutubox app store?

Jailbreak tools

Tutubox has several jailbreaks too that are freely available to download. Compared to other iOS app stores, the Tutubox has the best and largest iOS jailbreaking app collection that gives almost all kinds of jailbreaking tools for iOS.


Most iPhone and iPad users tend to play older games like Nintendo and Game Boy. But the Apple App store does not support that kind of game. But if you are using Tutubox emulators, you will be able to play that kind of game using your iPhone and iPads.

Tweaked apps

If you are seeking tweaked versions of iOS apps, the Tutubox has a large collection of tweaks. Even it includes tweaks for most popular social media apps too.

So, get the Tutubox app and get the latest tweaked apps for iOS.

Mod games and apps

A modified version of iOS apps is so popular these days. But people are not able to find a proper download source for that kind of mod application. But with the Tutubox iOS app users are now able to get mod versions of the popular app directly to their iPhone or iPad for totally free.

Direct IPA download

Tutubox is also allowed to get IPA versions of the app directly to any iPhone or iPad that run iOS 13 or later version. You can install apps using IPA files when you get them to your local storage.

People also ask

Is Tutubox secure to download?

Yes, the Tutubox app is secure to download to any iOS device and that prove by thousands of Tutubox users around the globe.

How do I download Tutubox for Android?

The Tutubox Android version is yet to be released. So currently there is no Tutubox Android version to get on the internet. Keep in touch with us to get the news when the Tutubox Android version is released.

What iPad version supports Tutubox?

All of the iPad versions are supported with the Tutubox app that runs iOS 13 or later. So it is all about the iOS version that your device has.

Is there any feature to bypass iCloud lock on Tutubox?

No, Tutubox does not provide any iCloud bypass tool.