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Evaporator Coil Replacement: How to Fix a Malfunctioned Coil

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An evaporator coil is a device that transfers heat from inside to outside. It can be used for many different things, but most often it is used in air conditioning units.

If you ever have a problem with your evaporator coil, read this. This blog will teach you how to fix it and all the steps needed.

The first thing we need to do is turn off the main power supply of our A/C unit. It will be easier for us to work if the power is turned off. After shutting down our system, we can crawl inside the return air ductwork and take out whatever is blocking access to our evaporator coils or shutoff valve (if it’s accessible). This item is usually found on either side of a return or at least nearby so it doesn’t have too far away from where it was originally installed. If there’s no obstruction around them, maybe someone has been tinkering with them before you got there. Visit expert technicians at

Turn off Valve

To fix the problem with our coils, we need to turn off our shut-off valve. If you have a low-pressure gauge on your manifold gauge set, read the pressure before you do anything else. The compressor should not be spinning if there is a problem with our coils.

If you are looking at the back of your air conditioner, then just loosen up any bolts that might be holding down either side of the access panels. The panels should come off without too much work. But make sure not to drop anything into the fan blades.

The panels come off our evaporator coils. The bolts are on the bottom. Take them out in order, from top to bottom or from left to right.

If you need to take off the blades, keep one hand on both bolts while they are coming out so that none of them fall into the fan blades.

Pull-Apart the Coils from its Position

Once all of the bolts are removed, pull apart the coils from its position. If it doesn’t come out with ease, this is because the adhesive is holding everything together.

If something is stuck, use a thin flat-head screwdriver or putty knife to separate it. Then lift up the coil when you are done.

The fun part is coming up. We need to take off the screws that are holding your coils in place. These screws can be found around the edge of your coils. If you can’t find them, try looking for small rubber plugs which cover where each screw goes.

Here is a screwdriver.

If you have a flathead screwdriver, pop off one of the covers with it. But be careful not to break anything. Then take the screws out with another tool or your fingers.

Once you are done, go ahead and take off the evaporator coil. It is the part of the air conditioner that helps to dehumidify and cool down all of the air in your home. You will see that it has a series of condenser coils on its side, which should be removed along with them when you do this work.

You can remove only half the grilles if you want. It will be easier to do this. After that, take out all the screws from the middle of where these grilles are located and then you can remove them from their original location.

I need to take off screws and bolts. And I will change the coil and other parts if they don’t work anymore.

If you want to avoid problems with the evaporator coil inside your home, watch out for what is happening outside. For example, during winter when it’s cold, frost will form on the parts that are outside your home.

Find the Damage

Removing these bolts will help us find out if there is any damage and also show us what we need to do next. Normally, we can see the evaporator coils through a side door. But sometimes they are not on the side and we need to take off some bolts to see them.

When the air is hot, it moves and changes into cooler and drier air. There are many tubes on a coil that have an aluminum cap on one end. When liquid (usually water) goes through these tubes, they act as condenser coils that move the heat between them by means of convection cooling.

Air is heated and cooled by the coils. If it’s hot, the air around the coils becomes cold. It goes downstairs where it is cool.

Once the air gets into the unit, it spreads out across the room. It heats up an entire area and not just one spot by heating up a coil. But you can see if your unit needs new coils by looking for them near windows and doorways.

Put Soapy Water

When you are looking for leaks in your refrigerator, one way to do it is by putting soapy water on the places where you think there are leaks. If bubbles form in fifteen seconds or less, then you have a leak.

If a leak in your refrigerant system is more than about 20 lbs/hour, then that can cause problems. It means the coils will break down. But even small leaks can cause problems if they go unnoticed for too long. No need to worry Le High HVAC can help you.

We have been helping people like you for many years. We know how to fix your air conditioning problem. If you need anything, call us today.

An evaporator coil replacement is a way to cool the air in your home. It starts with hot, dry air from your furnace or boiler that runs through coils and then into your house. This process makes the hot air wet and cold, which cools it down.

The evaporator coil is used to cool the warm air coming from your ductwork. The evaporator coil absorbs water vapor or refrigerant from your home’s indoor unit. If it malfunctions, then the system will not be able to cool down properly which can lead to problems like mold growth and higher energy bills.

Here are some tips on how to replace malfunctioned coils:

– Shut off the power supply before starting any work

Remove old coils with care – use gloves for safety reasons.

– Use a spray bottle to clean the work area – this will help you remove dust.

– Unplug wiring before removing coils, and use pliers for safety purposes.

– Make sure that your new evaporator coil is compatible with your system type in order to avoid future issues.