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Energy Efficiency With HVAC Companies in Pakistan

Your air conditioner is a great investment. No wonder you need to take care to keep it running smoothly. Efficient and Reliable for Life. This is why HVAC Companies in Pakistan offer a wide range of additional air conditioning services. So you can get the most out of your device. And save time, money and energy, and additional features that we provide for air conditioners.

Reliable device with high security

HVAC Companies in Pakistan are improving energy efficiency to save money and help the environment. Comply with technical and legal requirements to simplify paperwork. Combine these additional features to create plug-ins, services, products, and technical improvements.

Extended Capital (ECA)

The ECA program helps companies recover 100% of the cost of installing new air conditioning equipment. Energy saving and environmentally friendly total company taxable profit for the first 12 months of installation. It depends on the corporate tax rate paid. The plan can result in a reduction of at least 20 percent of the total cost incurred at every step of the installation, including design and operation. All ECA positions are eligible regardless of department, size or location.

Replacement technology for air conditioners

Replacing air conditioners can be overwhelming for building occupants. It causes confusion for those who use the area while installing a new system, which may mean that occupants will be left without heat or cold for an extended period.

One additional service of HVAC Companies in Pakistan is an innovation called “Alternative Technology”. This technology allows you to replace air conditioning equipment with a significant reduction in the impact on the occupants of the building without affecting the floors, ceilings and walls. It preserves existing cooling tubes and makes installations cleaner, faster and more economical. To see if you can upgrade your system using alternative technologies.

Security cage unit capacitor

The value of copper has increased dramatically in the past few years. This means that the value of waste copper material has also increased. Air conditioning and related plumbing systems contain large amounts of copper. This puts them at risk of theft and property destruction. If the device is the thief’s target, change the refrigerant system and the equipment can be expensive. In addition to interfering with the work of the occupant of the business or building

HVAC Companies in Pakistan offer several high strength and durable safety cages that are manufactured to form a barrier around outdoor equipment. 

Low Copper Tubes

Low copper tubes are highly unattractive to thieves and thieves as scrap metal is minimal. Metallurgical innovations mean that low-alloy copper tubes that can withstand the extreme temperatures and pressures associated with modern air conditioning equipment can replace traditional pure copper tubes. Depending on the field study, the lower copper tubes can be upgraded or installed with new equipment.

Prevent Pipe Damage

The tube connected to the external condenser is usually made of copper. Which makes them susceptible to theft, can advise you to remove the pipes out of sight or divert them at higher altitudes. If the copper tube cannot be hidden, can cover the tube. These steel shields cover the copper tubes. Slowly steal the precious copper tubes. It is not attractive to thieves.

Insulation Service in Pakistan

If the pipe insulation is damaged by sunlight or flies. The efficiency of heat transfer between the outdoor and indoor units of the air conditioning system can be harmful. Damaged or damaged insulator reduces the efficiency and energy efficiency of the device. Fortunately, replacing damaged or worn-out insulators is relatively quick, cost-effective, and hassle-free and can greatly improve system performance and efficiency.

Burglar alarm

Another additional service for our air conditioners is the Tamper Alarm. Which can send an alert if the system is tampered or damaged. These alarms are very sensitive and can alert you to cases of low coolant pressure and power outages. This could be an alarm or sending an email or SMS.

Motion Sensor

Air conditioning is an integral part of many office, home, and leisure spaces today. Up to 30% of energy consumption in buildings. Customers are increasingly looking for ways to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save energy. While still enjoying the air conditioning

HVAC Companies in Pakistan have a solution. We offer an infrared motion sensor that has been disabled. In installation (also known as PIR), these sensors work by turning off the system if no movement is detected in the room for a certain period of time. When the system motion sensor restarts and the air conditioner is turned on again. You can also connect a window sensor to the system. Turn off the air conditioner to prevent it from turning on when you open the window. Motion and window sensors can be very cost effective when used in busy businesses such as conference rooms, classrooms and hotel rooms. They can often pay themselves within a year.

Gas adaptation F

Gas F is a fluorocarbon that combines HCFCs, HFCs, and CFCs used in freezing applications and equipment. This includes conditioning. Some F gases destroy the ozone layer. On the other hand, other gases contribute directly to the greenhouse gases associated with global warming.

Honeywell Distribution in Pakistan regulations have been imposed to limit the use of these gases. It regulates the amount of F gas released into the Earth’s atmosphere to protect the ozone layer. By law, air conditioning equipment containing more than 3 kg of refrigerant per year must be installed. Check for leaks or damage by a contractor like Honeywell (or quarterly if your system has more than 30kg of F gas). I have a special certificate for handling gas F.

Holders of refrigeration or air conditioning equipment that use or contain HFC must follow these rules:
  • Use qualified, professional and trained contractors to repair, maintain, remove and maintain gas and refrigeration equipment.
  • Take all measures to prevent refrigerant leakage.
  • Fix leaks as soon as they are found.
  • Add coolant if needed.

Owners of equipment or systems with 3 kg or more of F2 refrigerant have the following additional obligations:
  • Regular testing by certified and certified contractors for leak detection (annual, semi-annual or quarterly) if the system has more than 30 kg of refrigerant)
  • Keep a good record of the date of each leak inspection along with the results, amount and type of each refrigerant used. Amount and type of each refrigerant discarded, reconstituted or added to the system. Identify companies and contractors and details indicate whether maintenance or service has been performed.

HVAC Companies in Pakistan are approved by agencies such as DEFRA and REFCOM and pass the F gas test if required. The annual F gas inspection can be easily integrated into a scheduled maintenance contract.

Energy efficiency monitor

According to the building energy efficiency guidelines, air conditioning units with a capacity of more than 12 kW must be inspected by a qualified and qualified inspector at least once every five years. These tests are essential to ensure the performance of your system and its effective and smooth operation. HVAC Companies in Pakistan can recommend the time of the tests. This test can also be performed by one of our qualified and approved test partners.