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5 Steps to Choose a Reputable Cryogenic Shipping Company

  • JatinB 

Women have the power to create life. Whether you’re trying to have a baby, or just supporting your best friend through IVF treatments, egg freezing is an incredible choice for women who wish to preserve their eggs in hopes of conceiving in the future. If you find yourself needing to use an egg bank or shipping service, there are certain things you must consider before choosing one.

The company should be upfront about the service they provide

The best way to start your search for a cryogenic shipping company is by doing research on their website. The company should list the services they provide, especially if you’re looking for overnight or express shipping. A reputable company should be upfront about whether the service they provide is guaranteed to arrive in time for a specific date, and why or why not. If your package is delayed, you’ll want to know what the company will do to make up for it—whether that’s replacing the package with something similar or refunding your money altogether.

If you’re planning ahead, it might be worth contacting the company to ask when they recommend booking the shipment. Some companies may have deals on prices if you book a certain amount of time in advance. You’ll also want to ask about any special requirements (such as making sure there’s no ice or water in the package). If you have any questions about booking your shipment, don’t hesitate to contact them—a good company will be happy to help!

Preserve your eggs during shipping

The company should be clear about what they will do to preserve your eggs during shipping. At minimum, they should use an insulated cooler designed specifically for cryogenic shipping — like the kind used by medical research labs and blood banks — along with dry ice to keep the contents frozen.

Also ask how many times per day they ship eggs. If it’s only once or twice a week, you may not want to trust them with your precious cargo.

Ask if there is an extra fee if your egg provider needs to ship on short notice.

Liquid nitrogen to transport your eggs yourself

If you choose to transport your eggs yourself, the cryogenic shipping company will send you a special container called a dewar (a large thermos) that contains liquid nitrogen. Once you’ve filled out all necessary paperwork, they’ll also send you an authorization form that will allow you to receive liquid nitrogen at a local convenient store. The dewar is heavy and must be handled with care; it’s important not to let it tip over or become jostled. Most companies require that you take the dewar in person to your local FedEx or UPS office. International cryogenic shipping companies usually recommend using these carriers because they have experience transporting liquid nitrogen containers.

Backup plan in case something goes wrong with shipping

When choosing a cryogenic shipping company, make sure it has a backup plan in case something goes wrong with shipping and you need to re-freeze your eggs. The company should also have a good reputation among people who have frozen their eggs with them, and it’s important that they don’t mishandle the eggs in any way. We came across one company that used styrofoam coolers, which is not an optimal material to store frozen eggs with—once thawed, the ice crystals can cause damage to the cells of the egg. In order to protect your investment, choose a reputable company that uses proper storage materials like dry-ice pellets or glass containers.

Email contact on their website

Every cryogenic shipping company should provide an email for customers to contact with any questions or concerns. If you’re planning to store your organs with a company, you’ll want to know that they’re available in case something comes up (like if the price goes up or if you want to change your payment method) and also that they’ll be able to answer your questions about the process (such as how long it will take and what kind of container is used). With so many companies out there, it can be hard for customers to know who is reputable. That’s why it’s important to look for a reputable company that includes basic information like their email on their website.

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Final Words

You can make sure you are choosing a reliable cryogenic shipping company if you consider these points before committing to the service.