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6 Dermatologists’ Remedies for Healing Severely Dry Lips

The use of chapstick boxes is not limited to just storing the product. They also protect items from getting any damage from any product harming factor. They also provide unique presentations to items from their customizable and printable surfaces. These packages are affordable packaging solutions due to their easy-to-get manufacturing materials. Kraft, bux board, and cardboard are the materials from which these boxes are made.

They are manufactured in various sizes, designs, shapes, and styles according to the requirements of different products. Brands are getting these packages printed with product details, appealing color schemes, and inspiring themes to attract their customers. Chemical solutions in fake products that come in chapstick boxes are not the only thing that can cause dry lips. It can occur according to different conditions of weather and skin type.

Dryness and peeling can make persons very uncomfortable, especially when they happen to the surface of lips. Cracked lips are not supposed to be gone within a day. You have to show some patience and go with home-based remedies instead of using chemical products if you want quick healing. Some reliable home remedies that will be effective for the health of your lips in this regard are given below.

Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum jelly is also famous for its other name, which is Vaseline. It can increase the hydration process of your dry and cracked lips. It can go into the inner layer of your lips through cracks and heal them instantly. It is also perfect against the burning sensation that you feel during dried lips.

You do not have to mix any other element inside it while using it. Just spread it on the surface of your lips by using your fingertips and rub your lips softly with it. It does not have any kind of side effect, so you can make use of it as many times as you want in a single day.

Sugar Method:

In the exfoliating process of your lips, sugar is a great element. Flaky skin and peeling of lips can be cured with the rubbing of sugar particles on the surface of your lips. It makes your lips soft and supple. While using it, consider a few drops of olive oil as well. If you add honey, it will be more beneficial.

Place the honey-based sugar particles on the surface of cracked lips and leave them for 2 to 3 minutes but do not allow them to be dissolved on your lips. If you utilize this remedy daily, you will not have to read any other tips from custom printed chapstick boxes.

Green Tea Bags:

Polyphenols are the elements that are present in green tea. These elements have antioxidant and photo-protective effects. They are also anti-inflammatory that will reduce the cracked surface of your chapped lips. From green tea bags, you can cure the burning sensation that you feel during the time of cracked lips.

Utilizing it is very simple. Take a hot water cup and dip the tea bag inside the water. After heating it, rub the hot tea bag on the surface of your dry lips. Via retail packaging and keep rubbing gently on lips for 2 or 3 minutes. However, consider doing this only once a day for better results.

Honey and Vaseline:

Honey is among the moisturizers that contain antibacterial capabilities. It is among the most effective and healthier healing agents. Some daily users of this product also state it as a humectant. People with dry lips issues should utilize it after getting it mixed with Vaseline. They both are effective in nourishing the surface of the lips and making them softer.

For your chapped lips, cracks, and dry skin, they both are reliable healing agents. Plus, you will not face any difficulty in finding these products as they are common products from almost every house. Just using them once a day will heal your lips within a single week. Even many expensive items that come in custom chapstick boxes contain these items inside them.


During the winter, cucumber can be your biggest companion to get rid of all kinds of lip problems and conditions. It is the one known as a hydrating agent among all other vegetables. It is available almost every time of the year so finding it will not be a bigger problem. You can grind it with honey or coconut oil and make a paste for daily usage.

You can also rub it directly on the surface of your lips for two or three minutes to get rid of cracks on the lips. Using it three times a day will clear the problems of your lips better than premium items that come in chapstick boxes. You can also go with drinking its juice directly as it can maintain hydration effectively as well.

Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil has the ability to be known as natural moisturizers. It can make the health of your lips better in various ways. It is way reliable than wasting money in getting quality items in chapstick boxes. The one reliable thing about it is that it contains healthy fatty acids. These acids can make your lips soft and suppler. You can mix this oil with tea tree oil if you want to improve lifestyle effectiveness.

If your dry lips also have cracks, this oil will increase the healing process of your skin. Applying it is very easy as you just need to place it gently on the surface of your lips. Do not utilize it more than two to three times in a single day.  The best thing about these remedies is that you can apply them a number of times without worrying about any side effects.

They are way better than quality lips balms that come in chapstick boxes. They will help you in maintaining the softness of your lips and make them attractive and appealing in every weather of the year. However, make sure to learn tips that of applying these remedies properly for efficient results.