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Beginner’s Guide to Yoga Alliance Certification

All around the world, there is a common question doing the rounds in the minds of every yoga practitioner –

What is Yoga Alliance?

Put simply, a group of yogis from all over the world gathered and established some guidelines and protocols to ensure that only genuine and authentic yoga was taught around the world.

With this intent, Yoga Alliance came into being in the United States as a non-profit organization comprising professional yoga teachers. The organization works for the welfare of the global yoga community.

If you are someone with a keen interest in becoming a certified yoga instructor then getting a Yoga Alliance certification can help you reach that goal with ease.

Do you know about the Yoga Alliance online registry? It is a compiled register that includes the details of yoga teachers who have completed a yoga teacher training program from a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school. Becoming a member of this organization after completing the training is beneficial for new yoga teachers.

You might wonder – How would becoming a Yoga Alliance member help me? We will let yoga experts answer that.

Benefits of Joining Yoga Alliance

Keep in mind that becoming a member of Yoga Alliance is not mandatory and depends on one individual to another.

Given below are six major benefits of becoming a member of the Yoga Alliance.

Listing in Yoga Alliance Directory

After becoming a member of Yoga Alliance, you are given a profile in their online directory. This contains detailed information about your yoga teacher certification. At the same time, it also increases your visibility and helps yoga schools find you with ease.

Being a Member

When you join Yoga Alliance, you don’t become a member of an organization but a member of an ever-growing global community of yoga practitioners. You have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for yoga as you. It is what makes earning the Yoga Alliance certification worth your time and effort.

Enhanced Integrity

Signing up to become a member of Yoga Alliance offers you more integrity. The Yoga Alliance Registry Mark is a globally recognized mark. It is what helps other yoga practitioners ease to recognize your abilities.

Free Online Workshops

Even after earning the Yoga Alliance certification, you should remember that learning never stops in yoga. With that intention, online classes and workshops still take place for all yoga schools, teachers, and students. Being a member you can attend all these workshops and classes for free.

Access to Unlimited Yoga Resources

Yoga Alliance not just sets the protocols and guidelines for yoga schools and institutes. They also offer numerous yoga publications on their website. For example, you can find the most recent issue of Yoga Insider or sign up for a yoga newsletter.

Massive Discounts & Benefits

Apart from providing you free access to numerous yoga resources, you also get liability insurance, legal advice, and special discounts. In other words, earning the Yoga Alliance certification and signing up for Yoga Alliance membership is a win-win situation.

That is not all! Yoga Alliance has come up with a few easy-to-follow tips to help you be successful as a recently graduated yoga teacher.

3 Tips for New Yoga Teachers

As a yoga teacher, you are aware that yoga is not just asanas and Pranayama. It is a lifestyle that you live even after leaving the yoga mat.

Given below are three powerful tips to help you advance in yoga teaching.

Keep Yourself Balanced

Keep in mind that as a yoga teacher you have to maintain good physical, mental, and emotional balance. It lets the students develop trust in what you teach, whether it is week to week or month to month. There is a balance that goes beyond the yoga mat, the emotional and mental balance.

Explain in Detail

Remember the time when you were starting out with the Yoga Alliance certification. It will be the same when you start teaching a group of yogis, all of whom might not be experienced yoga practitioners. Thus, as a yoga teacher, you should provide them with clear instructions to prevent any mishappenings during the yoga session.

Commit to Personal Practice

Although you have earned the certification, it does not mean you know everything. Remember, to learn yoga you have to possess the mental attitude of a student who is eager to learn new things.

Moreover, self-practice helps you connect and believe in yourself fully. Remember, students would only trust you once you learn to trust yourself.


To earn a Yoga Alliance certification you would need to enroll in a certified yoga school. The guide above would help you not just complete the training but also be the best yoga instructor students can have.

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