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Beat Workplace Pressure With These Yoga Exercises

Yoga Exercises – Post-lockdown has not been a nice time for many individuals, especially corporate sector employees.

The re-opening of corporate sector after a long-time has led to an increase in workplace competition and this is not a nice picture for many. Confused? Read on to understand.

The Corporate Environment

People on anti-depressants, working half awake, and low productivity – picture looks familiar? Welcome to the corporate world of 21st century.

Unfortunately, the situation described above is not a pretty one in real life. With depression and anxiety becoming common in workplaces around the world, it is time to look for a way out of this conundrum.

It is why booking a place for yourself in a yoga retreat in Rishikesh can be a worthy deal for you. Yoga offers you a way out and that too without any medications or pharmaceutical drugs.

Needless to say, yoga is not all about asanas and Pranyama that many corporate employees might believe. There is a lot more that comes with it.

Benefits of Yoga Exercises for Corporate Employees

Given below are five major benefits of yoga for those working in the corporate sector;

Minimizes Burnout Rate

The stress of being on top at the workplace and getting promoted on time comes at a heavy cost. Moreover, if you are someone doing a task which needs to be done by three people, stress is inevitable.

As a corporate employee, you have to multitask without showing any signs of stress. It is here that yoga helps keep you away from stress by giving you ample time to relax and rejuvenate after a day at the office.

Minimizes Agression & Hostility

Needless to say, corporate sector is filled with some hotheads and agressive employees. However, too much anger has the opposite impact on your mental and physical health.

For you to achieve the best results in any project, a peaceful environment is must. Daily practice of yoga helps minimize feelings of resentment and hostility among employees.

In the long run, this minimizes the levels of stress hormone Cortisol which promotes a peaceful work environment. It is why enrolling in a yoga retreat in Rishikesh is worth your time and effort.

Improves Focus

With daily practice, yoga helps you become physically fit and this spreads the feeling of wellness in other areas of your life. Yoga boosts physical vitality which manifests in confidence in handling pressure of corporate life.

In the long run, yoga helps your mind relax and provide it the necessary rejuvenation. This results in improving your overall level of focus on the task at hand.

Improves Energy Levels

Being physically inactive with an ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle is never a good decision. The less active you are, the more you are likely to burn out and feel tired. However, practicing yoga daily helps improve your body’s energy levels and vigour.

It helps you work without feeling burned out or fatigued. The 500 hour yoga teacher training can help you understand yoga including its mental and spiritual benefits.

Improves Decision Making Skills

Any form of exercise helps release the feel-good hormones, known as Endorphins which promote a feeling of well-being. It is the same with yoga which helps increase your overall levels of energy, and mental awareness in the long run.

This translates into making sound decisions when faced with a complex situation at the workplace.

However, for you to experience these magical benefits of yoga, it is necessary that you practice the right yoga asana.

Easy-To-Do Yoga Poses for Corporate Employees

A normal work environment in a corporate sector requires you to sit on your desk for extended periods of time. This takes a toll on your overall physical health.

Keeping that in mind, given below are two easiest yoga poses you can practice at the workplace.

Shoulder Stretch

This simple yoga exercise helps align your body and improve energy levels.

How to Practice

  • Get close to a wall.
  • Put your palm against the wall with hips facing towards the wall.
  • Extend your arms and move your hand back about 1 to 2 handprints.
  • Place your other hand on the extended shoulder.
  • Move your shoulder upward and backwards.
  • Slowly glide your hand towards your ribs and lift them up towards the direction of your body’s centre.
  • Make sure your full palm touches the wall.
  • Shift your hand back a bit and widen the stretch.
  • Change side and repeat the process.

Hip Stretch

The easiest yoga stretch which you can do while sitting in your chair.

Steps to Practice Hip Stretch

  • Sit straight in the chair with both legs aligned at 90 degrees.
  • Place both your hands on your thighs.
  • Stretch the sides of your waist and slowly move forward to sit straight on the sitting bones.
  • Lift your left ankle and cross it over your right knee.
  • Fold your torso to bend over your legs. Move your chest to touch the shin. Keep both arms hanging forward over your legs.
  • Hold your breath for five counts.
  • Let go of your left foot to put it down on the floor.
  • Change side and repeat.

Do you want to keep the mental and physical pressure away once you reach home from office? Try these yoga exercises!


Do you want to keep the corporate pressure at bay? You should enroll in a certified yoga retreat in Rishikesh to learn the best yoga exercises to keep workplace pressure at bay.