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8 Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using HR Software

Innovation is the key to growth and success in business and industry. Creativity encourages creativity. It can be expressed in the form of creating innovative products, implementing new ideas and adapting to the constantly changing marketplace. Your business will be ahead of the curve if you have creative and enthusiastic employees.

In the past few years, the role of human resources has grown beyond enforcing policies, procedures, recruitment, onboarding and people management. Human resource leaders must now create positive employer brands, increase employee engagement, productivity, and build relationships with employees beyond their tenure. It is difficult for HR to improve employee engagement and productivity because there are so many things they need to do.

How can your HR team encourage creativity among your employees?

Flexible scheduling is possible

Google is one of many companies that allow their employees to set their own hours. Some allow staff to work from home. Why? The answer is flexible scheduling which makes employees happier and more productive. They are also more productive and achieve greater results than many people might believe.

Giving employees the freedom to work when they choose will allow them to achieve better work/life balance. They are more motivated and energetic as a result. HR software allows you to save time and manage your time.

Understanding the Scope of Design Thinking in HR

Human Resources is the most obvious department to benefit from design thinking. It focuses on solving problems using a people-centric approach and can help reinvent HR.

Design thinking can be applied to all functions of HR, from identifying top talent, to assigning the right roles, finding transition opportunities, and finally retaining them to make them even greater assets to the company.

Design thinking in HR involves defining a path map that incorporates key elements such as emotion, touchpoints and channels. It will allow you to understand the search process of an ideal candidate for a job from the very beginning.

All activities can be managed through HR Software.

Recognize and reward creativity

While creativity can be enjoyable, it can also be challenging and mentally draining. Recognize employees’ creativity and reward them with some incentive. Employees will feel inspired when they see their ideas put into practice and receive a financial reward.

Have fun at work

Employees at Google are permitted to write on walls and tables, something we were all taught to avoid as children. war by Parker employees have something to look forward to, with fun lunches, events, and programs. Employees can enjoy yoga classes and rooftop meetings at Twitter. employees at Chevron have access to health-oriented programs like massages and personal trainers.

They say, “Work hard, play harder”. Fun can be a great way to stimulate new ideas. To promote a fun atmosphere, you don’t have to be as big as these large companies. It’s easy to make work more enjoyable by allowing employees to roam the office and see what their coworkers are doing.

Use employee feedback to improve your work environment

A process can be implemented by HR software where employees receive timely, and useful feedback. This is essential for improving performance and preventing conflicts from happening.

Employee-driven feedback can be a powerful tool to drive engagement. Feedback is not just about helping employees improve; it’s also a chance to recognize them for their outstanding work.

Research shows 72% of employees cite recognition as the most important factor in their work engagement. Feedback creates empowered employees. The HR team is responsible for initiating a continuous feedback process within the company, but its success hinges on how managers and employees embrace it.

Flexibility is key to success

Many employees want to be able to work remotely in the long-term as they adjust to the new post-pandemic normal. A survey by Prudential revealed that 42% of workers would like to begin job-hunting if the company eliminated its remote work policy. A study by Canva also found that half of US workers believe working remotely is more productive. 52%, 52%, and 30%, respectively, want flexible work-home arrangements in 2021.

Flex-work programs can increase productivity depending on the role. They reduce stress in the environment and allow employees to concentrate better.

Flexibility has been shown to increase productivity, happiness, and lower costs. Start planning now if flexible work options have not been established. Be careful to avoid flexible work arrangements which can lead to decreased productivity and decrease in employee engagement. Here are some best practices for flex work programs in your company:

  • Create a plan that clearly defines your policies and procedures
  • Set up communication systems to communicate with remote employees.
  • To keep remote workers responsible, train team leaders and managers
  • Start with a pilot
  • To make adjustments, you should reassess your program at least once a year.

Keep challenging employees

Employees are challenged to think outside of the box by being asked for their suggestions and ideas. Encourage employees to continue to look for ways to improve their work approach. Ask them to share their experiences and tell you what they like. It doesn’t need to be a formal meeting. To encourage anonymous ideas, you could place “idea-jars” around your office. You can help them develop through training, conferences, or classes. Facilitate collective brainstorming. These strategies will help you maintain a positive work environment.

Prioritize Empowerment

Employees who feel empowered will share more ideas and feel more creative than those whose roles are dictated by their company. Employees who feel empowered in their ability to take care of customers and do their jobs well will be more inclined to develop new and better ways to help others. Empowerment can inspire creativity, save managers time, and improve employee satisfaction.

Wrapping up

A perfect productivity plan is not something that can be achieved by every company. Human resources leaders have an opportunity to create work environments that encourage employee engagement and to design programs that help build high-performing teams. They can use HR Software and other resources to assist them in getting the best out of their efforts.