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7 Thoughtful Ways To Heal Your Soul After Loss

Top 7 Tricks to Heal Your Soul After Loss – It becomes hard to get back on track after losing someone close to you. A single event of grief in your mind can lead to a chain reaction of negative emotions. Therefore, to heal your soul, you need to have a different approach in your life.

You can completely misunderstand grief until you experience it. So, to heal your soul, you must first understand various forms of grief. Later, check the other points that will help you heal your soul. Read on.

How to Heal Your Soul Over Time

Understanding Forms of Grief

Grief is present in unexpected forms that attack you at unexpected times. You will experience it the moment you lose someone close to you or even a pet. In short, anything that leaves you empty could be a trigger point of grief.

Various curves in life lead a path to grief and lowly feelings. Hence, to heal your soul, you need to understand how grief works. More than that, the expansion of grief can affect other elements of your life.

Mindfully Embracing Your Feelings

To heal your soul, you should not run away from what you are feeling. Rather, you must stay mindful of what you are going through. Anything that you do to divert yourself might numb out the feeling for some time. However, that is not a true solution.

It is when you confront your emotion and feelings that you learn to face your grief and fears. So, to heal your soul, you must never pour yourself another drink or bouts of work that never ends. What you need is an awakening that can only be achieved when you live the moment.

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Plan Ahead of Time

Every person has special days at their disposal. However, when you have a memory of someone you loved connected with that special moment, it does not stay happy. Rather, it could lead to various emotional patterns that leave you empty inside.

Hence, to heal your soul, you need to plan ahead of time for such a lovely moment. Planning ahead of time gives you ample time at hand to predict how your mind might react to the situation. You can even ask your loved ones to spend time with you.

Fluidity of Grief

The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance was given by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. Every person has a different understanding of grief. For some, it started with anger. Finding closure after a loss is one of the biggest challenges when you want to heal your soul.

So, you must understand the fluidity of grief to ensure you heal in the least possible time. Moreover, you must know that you won’t be getting closure in case it is a sudden loss. So, learn to flow with what is going on in your head.


Practising meditation is a time for self-compassion. Not just that, you get time to observe your thoughts and feelings when you practice meditation. Instead of moving mindlessly, you need to embrace what is at hand. For this, you can even practice simple yoga stretches for beginners into your routine.

In desperate times, you can accompany meditation practice with various yoga stretches. This brings your mind and body into a single moment. Hence, it becomes easier for you to heal your soul.

Connect With Loved Ones

One of the best ways to heal your soul is to connect with the loved ones around you. Spending some time every day with the people you love helps in relieving the mental pressure from a recent loss. You must share what you hold in your heart to let it out.

Let it Go

If everything fails to help you, you must practice letting it go. That means you should not let your heart feel heavy. Even if it seems impossible, you must not think about it for some time. Think about something else not related to the person or situation at hand.

Wrap Up

To heal your soul, you can also incorporate physical movement in your life. In case you are in the later years of your life, you should practice yoga for senior beginners. This helps you to cope with the physical as well as the mental changes in your life.