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6 Ways Drinking Alcohol Can Badly Affect Your Periods

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Menstruation not only affects our body but also alters our mood drastically. During this time, some crave sugary foods, some prefer taking a rest in their comfy clothes, while some want to enjoy watching their favorite series with a glass of their favorite alcoholic beverages. Though it looks fantastic to do whatever makes you feel good during periods, however, some habits like drinking alcohol can do more harm than good when consumed during periods.

Unpleasant effects of drinking alcohol during your period:

While consuming alcohol, you could feel high initially, but later on, you may experience the feeling of sorrow just like depression and uneasiness. Drinking alcohol during your period can affect you in so many ways such as:

  1. It can affect your emotional health and increase your PMS symptoms

Period not only causes physical changes but also affects us mentally and emotionally. It sometimes makes us so emotional that we feel awful or easily become sad about minor things or happenings. Drinking alcohol during this time can make your mood swings even more unpleasant by increasing the levels of oestrogen, thus making you more emotional. Drinking alcohol during your period can also have an adverse effect on your PMS symptoms. You may feel symptoms like tender breasts, an increase in body pain, headaches, etc.

  1. Irregular monthly cycle

Similar to various other factors like lifestyle changes and stress, drinking alcohol can also affect your menstrual cycle by making it irregular. This happens because alcohol has the tendency to temporarily increase the oestrogen and testosterone levels, which causes hormonal fluctuations. The fluctuation in hormonal levels further leads to irregular or unexpected periods. Prolonged drinking can even cause reproductive issues such as difficulty in conceiving and irregular periods. It is vital to note that for regular ovulation and period, your body requires a perfect balance of estrogen and progesterone. The consumption of alcohol can badly affect the hormone balance. Therefore, try to avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible.

  1. Fatigue

The different phases of the menstrual cycle can leave you feeling tired or fatigued. Drinking alcohol can even increase fatigue and make you feel depressed. Since many alcoholic drinks contain high levels of sugar, continuously drinking alcohol can flatten your nervous system. During periods, you already feel lethargic, and drinking at this time can lead to a sugar crash, making you feel even more tired and depressed. Alcohol consumption can also affect the quality of your sleep.

4. More intense and long-lasting cramps

Many people think that alcohol during periods can help relieve cramps. However, this is not the case. Cramps can make you feel terrible and drinking during this time can lead to prolonged cramps and pain. How? Well, continuous consumption of alcohol can make your body dehydrated. Dehydration can badly affect your cramps and make them even more intense and long-lasting. So, if you experience cramps during periods, it is advisable to avoid alcohol as it can intensify your cramps.

5. A drop in magnesium levels

Magnesium levels usually fluctuate during your menstrual cycle but alcohol consumption can worsen this imbalance and cause a huge drop in magnesium levels in your body. Lower magnesium level further leads to lower blood sugar which is the key cause of dizziness.

6. Bad effect on fertility rate

Though it is not clear how and why alcohol affects your fertility, many experts suggest reducing the consumption of alcohol as it can reduce the chances of conception greatly. If you are drinking more than 10 drinks per week, your chances of becoming less fertile increase drastically. This is due to the reason that drinking makes your period irregular. So, if you are trying to conceive, it is advisable to avoid drinking alcohol to maximize your chances of conceiving.

It is vital to note that everybody is different and our bodies may react differently to alcohol. However, it is best to stay away from it during periods to maintain your physical as well as emotional health. Especially, if you know that it makes your condition worse during menstruation, or that you have a reduced tolerance for alcohol then it is better to avoid it. Instead, you can try fresh juices and other healthy drinks. Just make sure to avoid sugar-free drinks.

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Do remember, you can keep yourself happy and calm during menstruation. How? Well, by pampering yourself. There are many ways to do so. Keep yourself comfy, drink plenty of water, use the best quality sanitary pads, stress less, watch your favorite programs, and do whatever improves your mood and keeps you engaged. Enjoy your periods!

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