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5 DIY Car Wash Tips for Professional-looking Results

Car care routines are important to eliminate any signs of car dirt and debris that come in contact with the car’s surface. Therefore, the car owners must take their car for regular car washes. This simple and quick approach keeps the car’s surface clean, paint intact and clear visibility when driving on the road.

Having said that, some people have a keen interest in washing their vehicles themselves. They like to search through the methods used by the professionals of the field and incorporate those pro wash car wash services at home. As they perfect their washing skills, they can save them the cost and time of traveling to the car wash center to get it done.

Moving on, here is a look at some of the DIY ways of washing the car at home. Let’s take a look at them in detail:

  1. Use microfiber towels and cloths to softly clean the car surface

When buying a car, one has already invested most of their savings into the acquisition process. But that does not mean that one has to save a penny from investing in the car wash and car detail routine. It is even more important and works to keep the value of the car intact.

Therefore, make sure you buy microfiber towels and clothes. Using some other cloth can scratch the paint off and show a piece of metal and allow room for corrosion. These are soft, absorbent, and can easily work to eliminate the dust and debris off the car’s surface, without affecting the outlook.

  1. Make sure to use the soap that has been advised by the car care experts

The car cleaning soaps and detergents are usually mentioned in the car manuals and advised by car care experts. And one should pay attention to it. Many people take it for granted, and instead, try to incorporate the kitchen soap and detergent for cleaning their car. But that is neither effective nor helpful.

Moreover, you will never know that the chosen soap is a bit too hard on the surface of the car and can slowly work to weaken and eliminate the paint. So instead of working towards providing a cleaner surface, it results in the paint peeling off and giving areas for the corrosion to begin. Visually speaking, it gives quite an unpleasant sight.

  1. Begin car wash process with first scrubbing the tires away

Tires have high contact with the roads. That makes it accustomed to receiving the major dirt, dust, and debris than any other part of the car. Quite often, we have seen how the tires can get fully submerged in the dirt and one cannot even sight the tread patterns.

Therefore, car wash experts always advise car owners to begin washing the tires away. They have the most debris on them and should be washed away before beginning the cleaning process of the car body. Doing so reduces the bacteria and germs from the tire dirt to fall on the rest of the body. Along with that, make sure that you scrub to wash the tires, thereby allowing them to roll faster and safer while making the most out of their tread patterns.

  1. Make the most out of a car duster

Before beginning the car cleaning process, make sure you can clear the surface of any dust or dirt particles. It is important to do so, else it merges with the clean water, and what good can the dirty water do to wash the car! Therefore, give your car duster a good shake, and clean the surface. If there are any stubborn pieces of debris, try cleaning with water and mild detergent. One can also try to use the vacuum cleaner to get a dust particle-free surface.

  1. Finish the cleaning with the application of finishing wax

Once the entire car is spotlessly clean and radiates the shine that you always want it to have, it’s time to preserve it. To do this, make sure your car has dried off properly after the wash. Then, it’s time to polish and wax it, which protects the paint and the car’s surface.

The perfect wax look comes when taken to a professional like the ones at the AutoPro service center. Their high-tech waxing machine incorporates the use of a special round-shaped brush. It rotates to buff the wax into the car, without making any fine lines on the surface. The better the application of the wax coat, the longer the car wash result lasts.

In all, following these tips can make the most out of your car wash practices for long-lasting and durable results.